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Signify launches 2nd generation Philips ADU air sanitizer

Signify has just announced the new Philips ADU Gen 2 air purifier and sanitizer model, after a while launching the first version and receiving positive signals from users.

“Following the success of the launch of UV-C sterilization products, Signify Vietnam is very proud to bring an air sanitizer product with HEPA filter to enhance the utility of air filtration and disinfection. We hope this product will become a reliable companion to help clean and safe air to help protect you and your family every day,” said Mr. Phung Hoai Duong, General Director of Signify Vietnam. To share.

Signify launches the 2nd generation Philips ADU air sanitizer - photo 1

Model Philips ADU Gen 2


Philips ADU Gen 2 is equipped with a HEPA filter that helps remove air pollutants from pet dander, spores, pollen, allergenic dust mites, common indoor dust and polluted dust from the air stream. outside house.

Built-in UV-C lamp helps disinfect and clean the air in the room in just a few hours (4 hours for living rooms from 16 – 25 m)22 hours with bedroom from 10 – 16 m2 and 1 hour with bathroom up to 10 m2) without interfering with the activities going on in the room.

Besides, Philips ADU Gen 2 has been proven to inactivate more than 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from just 45 minutes with technology UV-C light.

In Vietnam, in addition to household disinfection equipment, Signify has also introduced to the specialized market many Philips UV-C product lines, including Philips UV-C sterilization light troughs, Philips UV sterilization trolleys. -C trolley, Philips UV-C overhead air sterilizing luminaires, Philips UV-C chamber and ADU air steriliser. These products are designed to meet the broader, more diverse disinfection needs of workplaces, public areas, offices, factories, and recreational facilities. entertainment

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