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Son imprisoned and tortured his father for nearly 10 days, leading to death

  Investigate the case of the son's imprisonment and torture of his father for nearly 10 days, leading to his death - Photo 1.

On June 9, the Phu Nhuan District Police said that it had handed over suspect Nguyen Anh Khoa (30 years old) to the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Police Agency for investigation according to its competence on the act of murder.

Khoa was identified as a suspect in murdering Mr. NVB (72 years old, Khoa’s father) at his home in Phu Nhuan district.

According to the investigation, Khoa lives with his biological father in a house in alley 86 Thich Quang Duc Street, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District. In daily life, there are often conflicts between father and son, which Khoa claimed is due to his father’s difficult age, nagging about Khoa’s playfulness and laziness…

Once angry, on May 27, Khoa locked Mr. B. in the bedroom of the 3rd floor of the house. During a period of 10 days, Khoa used household items as weapons and brutally tortured Mr. B.

At noon on June 6, when his father was found dead, Khoa took many properties, money, and gold and fled. Khoa rented a room at a hotel in District 10 to hide.

It is known that Mr. B.’s relatives were far away and could not contact Mr. B for many days, so he called to ask the authorities to check on the morning of June 7. When breaking the door inside, the functional forces discovered Mr. B dead, his body seriously injured.

4 hours after discovering Mr. B’s body, the police searched and arrested Khoa at the hotel.

Currently, the case is being further investigated and clarified.

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