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Southeast Asian press praises the strength of U23 Vietnam

Not beyond the predictions of experts, U23 Malaysia performed poorly compared to U23 Vietnam and soon conceded a goal after a close-in header from Nham Manh Dung in the 28th minute. Difficulties became more and more piling up. Coach Brad Maloney’s students when defender Hairiey Hakim let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area and was sent off at 45+8 minutes.

Although goalkeeper Firdaus Irman saved Bui Hoang Viet Anh’s penalty, he was completely helpless in the back kick of the U23 captain of Vietnam. At the end of the first half, U23 Malaysia was leading 0-2.

Southeast Asian press praises the strength of U23 Vietnam - Photo 1.

U23 Vietnam reached the quarterfinals of the Asian U23 Championship for the second time. Photo: AFC.

In the second half, U23 Vietnam reduced the tempo of the match, while Malaysia U23 reacted weakly. Thus, the match ended with a score of 2-0. This result helped the “Golden Star Warriors” reach the quarterfinals as the second team of Group A when they got 5 points after 3 matches. Leading the way is South Korea U23 with 7 points. U23 Thailand ranked 3rd with 4 points, U23 Malaysia has no points and is at the bottom of the table.

After the match, the Malay Mail newspaper expressed disappointment when the home team parted ways with the 2022 AFC U23 Championship without being able to win any points. At the same time, this newspaper also admitted that U23 Vietnam outperformed U23 Malaysia.

CNN Indonesian version said that U23 Vietnam continues to affirm its number one position in Southeast Asia when easily defeating Malaysia U23 with a score of 2-0 to become the only representative of the region to participate in the quarterfinals. AFC U23 Championship 2022.

Harakahdaily (Malaysia) newspaper said that in the first half, Malaysia U23 was completely inferior to U23 Vietnam and was led by 2 goals and had to play with 10 people. The adjustment of the personnel of coach Brad Maloney in the second half helped “Tigers” play better. Unfortunately they didn’t get any tables. The 0-2 defeat caused U23 Malaysia to part with the tournament with 3 losses, while U23 Vietnam won tickets to the quarterfinals.

According to Football 5 Star (Indonesia), while U23 Vietnam easily defeated Malaysia U23 with a score of 2-0 to win tickets to the quarterfinals of the U23 Asian Cup 2022, the other representative of Southeast Asia is U23 Thailand. Lan received a 0-1 defeat against Korea and soon had to say goodbye to the tournament.

Stadiumastro (Malaysia) said that, after the first two defeats, Malaysia U23 no longer had a chance to continue. However, the students of coach Brad Maloney need to be determined to win because of the honor factor. However, they easily lost 0-2 against U23 Vietnam. This result helps the “Golden Star Warriors” put their name in the quarterfinals.

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