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Super luxury real estate, million dollars of slow transactions, what surprises are about to happen?

Step by step directing credit capital flows into the fields of manufacturing, services, and agriculture, the State Bank has asked banks to closely monitor credit in the sector. real estate and credit restrictions for investment in high-class real estate, tourism real estate, resort and real estate speculation.

Along with that, the Government also requires supervision of the corporate bond market due to the risk of violating the issuance and auction of land use rights.

All these factors are slowing down the real estate market. In the upcoming 3rd quarter, experts believe that the market will ‘stand back’ to wait…

Super luxury real estate, million dollars of slow transactions, what surprises are about to happen?  - Photo 1.

Investors will have the mentality of waiting, the real estate market in the third quarter of 2022 will ‘stand still’, the liquidity will be slow…. (Photo: Minh Thu)

Giving comments on the real estate market in the coming time with PV Infonet, real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang said, after cases related to corporate bonds and auctions; along with the restriction of credit for real estate… causing liquidity in the market to decrease, investor sentiment was apprehensive, and transactions were difficult for real estate located in remote provinces of great value.

“Real estate products in the province with a value of more than 20 billion dong are difficult to trade, real estate over 10 billion dong must also be discounted by about 5% to have customers buy. Super luxury projects, million dollar transactions are also slowing down.

However, the number of people who have not yet owned a second real estate is still in great demand, so products outside the province and the outskirts of the city with a value of less than 2 billion VND still have good transactions, “said Mr. Quang. .

Meanwhile, new developers still offer very high primary selling prices, so the market is in the midst of a struggle.

“The market is standing still but investors are still selling goods at high prices, unintentionally making the market that is slow to trade again. The price is not falling but the transaction is down. In my opinion, in the third quarter, the real estate market will ‘stand still’ to wait for the next action of state policies as well as how businesses will change their perception of the market,” Quang said.

Therefore, according to this expert, large companies should restructure their products, bring to the market viable products, with a reasonable price that is enough to ensure profits, and do not charge too high a price, just to serve customers. high-class customers.

“Q3 is the time when investors wait for the state policy to change and wait for businesses to restructure their products to suit the market… Therefore, Q3 real estate transactions. will slow down,” said Mr. Quang.

In the last quarter of the year, Mr. Quang said that if the state policy is good, businesses will restructure their products, the real estate market will be stable and continue to grow. If the policy remains the same, nothing changes, the real estate market in the fourth quarter is likely to decline.

According to Mr. Quang, investors participating in the real estate market today should pay attention to the problem of bank loans, if forced to borrow, they should only borrow at 30-50%. At the same time, you have to know how to wait when buying real estate products, about 1-2 years.

“When buying any real estate, it is necessary to choose carefully about the price, compare the existing prices in the locality, the prices of similar projects. Cash must be restructured, so reserve about 20-30% of cash at the moment,” noted expert Tran Khanh Quang.

Also making a comment on the real estate market recently, VNDirect Securities Joint Stock Company said that the real estate industry is facing many challenges that affect the industry’s outlook.

Specifically, rising interest rates affect home-buying decisions, rising material prices may increase housing prices and tightening bank loans to the real estate sector, stricter supervision of bond issuance. corporate vouchers.

According to VNDirect, investors may face challenges in raising capital in the next few quarters. Therefore, sales activities will probably be boosted while land bank expansion will slow down, helping house prices cool down in the remaining quarters of the year.

However, real estate businesses with large stock of ready-to-sell products and healthy balance sheets will still enjoy stable profit growth in 2022 – 2023. In the long-term, the market outlook remains positive. pole.

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