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Taiwan plans to illegally install radar on Taiping Island

Taiwan’s Defense Agency has just announced a plan to install Bee Eye radar on Itu Au Island, in the Spratly Islands belonging to Vietnam’s sovereignty but illegally occupied by Taipei.

The Taiwan Self-Defense Agency recently signed a contract with the Institute of Science and Technology technology Zhongshan, China’s leading arms manufacturer Taiwanon the delivery of 11 Bee Eye radar systems, according to the sheet South China Morning Post today 9.6 cited a report submitted to the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan for consideration.

According to the report, those radar systems will be installed on the Taiwan-controlled islands of Dongdan and Kinmen, close to China mainland, as well as the Dongsha Islands in the South China Sea and Ba Binh island. This radar system will be deployed from 2023.

Bee Eye radar system made in Taiwan

South China Morning Post Screenshot

Analyst To Ziyun of the Institute of National Defense and Security Research in Taipei said that the Bee Eye radar has proven to be effective in tracking any aircraft and flying objects, especially small ones. China continent.

The Bee Eye radar system can also work with the Stinger and Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems to track incoming objects and guide missiles to attack them, To said.

The Bee Eye system is mounted on a 4-wheel tactical vehicle and includes an early warning system and anti-aircraft weaponry, according to the manufacturer.

Regarding Taiwan’s illegal activities in the past, on March 11, answered a reporter about Vietnam’s reaction to Taiwan’s conduct of a live-fire drill in Ba Binh, in the Spratly archipelago. Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang emphasized: “Vietnam resolutely opposes and asks Taiwan to cancel the above illegal exercise and not to repeat it in the future.” Ms. Hang stated that Vietnam has repeatedly affirmed that Vietnam has sufficient legal grounds and historical evidence to affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over the islands. Hoang Sa islands and Truong Sa in accordance with international law.

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