‘Thailand U23 should have passed the Asian U23 group stage’

I will be very pleased if Thailand U23 has the best squad in this tournament. Thailand U23 should have had a chance to pass the group stage after the first 2 matches (against U23 Vietnam and U23 Malaysia). When the framework was working well, we had injured players, so it was difficult to choose who else to play in the match against Korea U23.“, coach Worrawoot Srimaka shared after Thailand U23’s 0-1 loss against South Korea U23.

Coach Srimaka: 'Thailand U23 should have passed the Asian U23 group stage' - 1

The disappointment of coach Srimaka.

A 3-0 victory over Malaysia U23 in the second round helped Thailand U23 take the first place, however, Srimaka’s teachers and students could not protect their advantage in the last round, even if they only needed a draw to be present in the next round.

The minimal defeat against U23 Korea caused U23 Thailand to return home after the group stage, unable to repeat the achievement in the quarterfinals 2 years ago.

According to coach Srimaka, Thailand U23 failed because there was no best force for this tournament. In the closing match, the Golden Temple team was absent from the main attacker Suphanat Muenta. U23 Thailand was powerless to score and let Korea U23 concede a goal in the 35th minute.

In the second half, coach Srimaka’s students tried to push up but could not reverse the situation against the Korean defense. In the end, U23 Thailand has 4 points after 3 matches, 1 point behind the second team of U23 group Vietnam.

Coach Srimaka: 'Thailand U23 should have passed the Asian U23 group stage' - 2

Thailand U23 (blue shirt) is helpless against U23 Korea.

Apparently, the lack of Mueanta affects both Thanawat Seungchitthawon and Benjamin Davies. If it was his service, this match would be worth watching

U23 Thailand lacks many key players due to injury. Many others are not fit enough to play the match against Korea U23. Personally, I am satisfied with the performance of the players on the field today“, coach Srimaka added.

Failure in the group stage U23 Asia marks another sad milestone for Thailand U23. From the beginning of 2022, the Golden Temple team lost in two finals U23 Southeast Asia and SEA Games, before being eliminated early in the Asian playground.

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