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The day my ex-boss was hospitalized, I took care of him for a whole week

The day I graduated from college, I applied to many places but no company would accept it. So depressed I sat in the park and cried. At that moment a gentleman walked past and asked why.

After knowing my plight, he accepted me into the job. His name is Son, director of a private company. I got the job office staffMonthly salary is not high but enough for daily living expenses.

During 3 years working at the company, I always worked hard but the salary did not increase. The boss said that he can only pay me at that salary, because the company is also facing many difficulties.

4 months ago I got a better job so I asked Mr. Son to quit and he agreed. He was not angry but congratulated me. He also advised me when I had free time to remember where he played.

Last week, I got home early, so I went to my old company to play. Seeing that the company locked the door, I called an old colleague, they said they had quit their job. The company has dissolved, no one knows the situation of old boss how.

Then I called Mr. Son and was heartbroken to learn that he was in the hospital. Right after that, I went to visit my old boss. Seeing him lose a lot of weight brought tears to my eyes.

He said the company went bankrupt last month. He broke down and thought a lot. Many days he was immersed in alcohol and the results perforated stomach. Mr. Son did not want his relatives in his hometown to know the current tragic situation, so he did not dare to report the news. So he was in the hospital for 3 days without his family knowing.

I love the old boss who has no one to take care of, so I stayed by his side for the past week. The day he was discharged from the hospital, his mental state was much better. He said he would start over with his life. I strongly support his positive thoughts.

After that, Mr. Son suddenly confessed that he wanted to marry me. I also like Mr. Son for a long time, I also want to agree. But I really don’t know if he really loves me or just appreciates what I’ve done? I don’t know how to answer him guys?


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