The Emerald Golf View is about to top off and is ready to welcome residents in 2022

Progress strengthens confidence

Despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, The Emerald Golf View still completed the construction schedule as committed, expected to topped out in June and handed over at the end of 2022. After completion, the project is expected. become a new architectural highlight of Thuan An city with a 40-storey tower and luxurious and modern apartments.

The handover of the apartment in accordance with the commitment has shown the prestige and capacity of investor Le Phong in the journey to create a high-class living space, an elite community of residents in the largest “industrial capital”. Vietnam. In order to bring a quality project and add value over time, from the very beginning, Le Phong has cooperated with many leading partners in the market, which guarantees the quality of the works and ensures the quality of the works. Construction is the general contractor Coteccons – one of the leading construction corporations in Vietnam. Consulting supervision by FQM and operation management according to Japanese standards from Anabuki…so the living quality of residents will be guaranteed.

For Ms. Thao Vy (Thu Duc City), every visit to The Emerald Golf View is a surprise and excitement at the remarkable change of the project. She said, witnessing friends waiting to receive a house because she bought a project that was stuck in law and stopped building, Vy decided to choose to buy completed and about to hand over projects to be safer. With the accumulated amount of nearly 2 billion VND, it is extremely difficult to buy a high-end apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, so she moved to settle in Binh Duong because the price is still quite good, the apartment is spacious with a spacious area. and utilities are not lacking.

In the context of many projects behind schedule, causing customers a lot of risks and troubles. This is also an important factor in creating confidence for residents about the legality of the property they own, peace of mind with the money they spend as well as a quick profit thanks to good liquidity. The price of apartments in the center of Binh Duong is from 40-50 million/m2, many projects have a difference of 50-70 million/unit in about 1-2 months from the date of opening for sale, experts said. .

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According to the survey, this year in Binh Duong, there are only 1-2 projects handed over, especially at the central location, opposite VSIP1 Industrial Park, right at Song Be Golf Course and located in front of National Highway 13, only The Emerald Golf View. The commencement of the expansion of National Highway 13 connecting Ho Chi Minh City – Binh Duong to 8 lanes at the end of April also helped apartment projects located on this arterial road increase the value and price of apartments here. is expected to increase further.

Owning an “overhead resort” is supported with 0% interest for up to 30 months, committed to rental profit up to 216 million VND

The Emerald Golf View helps customers own the “dream” apartment with unprecedented incentives and attractive payment policies. Accordingly, just need to pay VND 120 million (5%), the buyer can sign a sales contract and complete the payment of 25% of the remaining value within 12 months, customers can easily own a high-class apartment in Hanoi. The Emerald Golf View. In addition, the bank is also granted a grace period for the original loan for 24 months, with an interest rate support of 0% to 30 months.

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Not stopping there, the difference that creates a big plus to attract customers is the policy of renting for 12 months from the investor Le Phong. With this commitment, the buyer will get a profit of up to 216 million/year.

“Just need to invest a few hundred million, get a grace period and support 0% interest until I receive the house, when I receive the house, I will also receive a sum of 216 million from the owner, I will take this money to complete the interior and If you rent it out, then you get a double profit,” said Mr and Mrs. Tuan (Binh Duong) excitedly.

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Only 20 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City, high-class apartments The Emerald Golf View located in the center of Binh Duong, right in front of National Highway 13, opposite VSIP1 Industrial Park, adjacent to Aeon mall, Lotte Mart, Becamex International Hospital, Hanh Phuc Hospital, international schools… and valuable views. embrace Song Be golf course.

One of the important factors that helps The Emerald Golf View to attract future residents is that each apartment has a flexible area of ​​50-115m2, which is delicately designed, optimized for functions, suitable for multi-generational living needs. generation.

The utility highlight captivates residents, turning The Emerald Golf View into a true “elevated resort” with 80 true “5-star” utilities such as luxury lobby, commercial center, etc. Theme park, gym – spa club, infinity pool, Family Lounge area, outdoor cinema, children’s park…

If the facilities bring high-class resort and entertainment values, the safe and close-to-nature living environment at The Emerald Golf View also plays a key role for successful people to choose this place as an ideal place to live. .

The Emerald Golf View is sold and marketed by Danh Khoi Real Estate Services Joint Stock Company – DKRS.


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