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The groom bows his head during the wedding ceremony, the bride reveals the reason

During the wedding ceremony, the groom appeared with a sad face and constantly bowed his head, making the guests constantly wonder.

Recently, a wedding that took place in Bozhou (Anhui, China) attracted special attention by the groom’s expression. On the ceremony, the bride is constantly smiling, showing hospitality, the groom appears with a sad face, eyes closed, and continuously bows his head.

After these pictures were posted, netizens couldn’t help but wonder about the wedding. Most think that the groom may have such a confusing attitude because he was forced to marry.

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According to the media, the wedding scene is quite grand, the luxurious layout shows that both families have investment conditions. However, there was no happy expression on the groom’s face, even his eyes were closed.

When asked the reason, the bride revealed: “He had to get up too early so he was tired, and he hadn’t eaten yet so he was probably very hungry.”

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She also humorously thinks that the groom is like a guest to the wedding, not to his wedding.

Although the bride gave a reason, many people said it was not convincing. “No matter how tired you are, when you go to the altar, you should be happy. There are grooms and brides who are not tired but on a happy day, at an important moment only a few minutes on the aisle, they still try to smile very brightly. What about this groom?”, one net user commented.

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Although the truth of the story is not clear, many attendees feel sorry for the bride when standing next to her husband like that. They even think that this groom has psychological problems.

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