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The groom’s wedding was suddenly changed for a cheesy, unbelievable dramatic reason

Chien and I decided to get married after 7 months of researching. The families on both sides are supportive, the two children in terms of age, work and conditions are quite commensurate. Chien is a hardworking person, has a standard lifestyle, I am quite satisfied to marry him.

Who would have thought that our great happy day would have a terrible thing happen. The good hour has come but I can’t see it groom showed up to pick up the bride as planned. At first I called my husband but no one answered the phone, even called hundreds of times, there was no answer.

It was impossible to understand what had happened, while the night before we were still talking intimately. My father called the family man and no one answered.

My whole family panicked, scared that maybe Chien didn’t want to have a wedding anymore, so he sneaked away. But why should he? Obviously Chien really likes it and is looking forward to this wedding.

On the wedding day, the husband called the phone on fire, but the husband did not come to pick up the bride, the groom just appeared, I just wanted to run away - Photo 1.

My whole family panicked, scared to think maybe groom I don’t want to have a wedding anymore, so I secretly ran away. (Illustration)

An hour later, the groom’s family finally appeared in the relief of my whole family. If today at home groom If I don’t come to pick up the bride, tomorrow my house will become a laughing stock for everyone.

Song look at the face groom I had to be petrified in disbelief again.

The person wearing the costume groomthe hand holding the wedding bouquet is not Chien but his brother!

Chien and Chien’s younger brothers are quite similar, so the change groom Only my family and a few close people who had met Chien many times found out. The guests at the party didn’t know anything. The eldest uncle of the Chien family, who led the groom’s delegation, immediately pulled my parents and me to a corner to talk:

– The matter is so urgent, we have no choice but to let Thanh replace Chien to pick up the bride. Last night Chien had an accident, was in a coma all night, my whole family had to stay in the hospital, fortunately he woke up this morning. That’s why it’s late.

The doctor said his health was fine, he just needed to rest for a while, grandpa and grandson didn’t need to worry. Grandparents just pretend they don’t know anything, let Thanh do the ceremony for the wedding to be completed.

I was weak in my arms and legs, and hurriedly called Chien to inquire. When he wakes up, he can answer the phone. But the person who answered the phone was a young woman:

“Are you Chien’s wife? I would like to introduce myself as his ex-girlfriend. Last night he came to see me for the last time before getting married, when he got home late, he had an accident.

I consider myself responsible too, so I’ve been here taking care of him since yesterday. Sorry for letting your husband in trouble, I told him not to come but he kept wanting to see me once…”, I gritted my teeth in disgust at the words that came out of her mouth.

Yesterday, Chien and I ended our conversation at 10 o’clock at night, at that time he still went to see his ex? I ran out and grabbed Thanh’s hand and asked if his brother had met his ex, she is still at the hospital now? Thanh was dumbfounded and awkwardly denied it, but looking at his attitude, he knew that he was lying and covering for Chien.

On the wedding day, the husband called the phone to fire, but the groom had not come to pick up the bride, and when the groom appeared, I just wanted to run away - Photo 3.

Groom “missing” vows not to do anything too restrictive with her, hope I forgive you for once. (Illustration)

So bitter and bitter, at that time I just wanted to run away from the wedding party and not marry anymore. But parents said that if there is something wrong, the wedding party will be solved. Even if I cancel my marriage now, I still have a reputation for being a husband. I had to listen to my parents. So I became a unique bride, having a ceremony with my brother groom.

The wedding party had just ended, I immediately ran to the hospital to talk to Chien about corn and potatoes. Chien was awake, he broke one leg, the accident did not leave any serious sequelae, rested for about 3, 4 months to recover.

Before my harsh questioning, Chien admitted that that night, after finishing the conversation with me, he went to meet his ex-girlfriend. He said that the two of them had been in love for a few years before, no longer in love, but now consider each other as friends. He swore he wouldn’t do anything off-limits to her, hoping I’d forgive him for once.

Currently, I am at my mother’s house, Chien is still in the hospital and calls me every day to apologize. I know he also has feelings for me, with his ex-girlfriend is probably just a little bit of love left over. According to everyone, should I forgive my husband or not?

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