The principal fell from the third floor to the ground

Binh PhuocWhen I went up to the room to find it, I couldn’t find it, many teachers panicked when they discovered that the headmaster was dead in the school yard.

The teacher of Dak O High School, Bu Gia Map district, on the morning of May 8, went to the principal’s office Le Duy Binh, 51 years old, on the third floor, the door was open but no one was found. They checked the corridor, looked down to see Mr. Binh lying motionless in the yard.

Dak O High School.  Photo: Van Tram

Dak O High School. Image: Van Hundred

According to some employees, the principal went from the dormitory to the office early in the morning as usual. An hour before, the teacher heard a loud noise, but thought it was nothing, so he worked normally.

Exploring the scene, the police discovered that a stone usually left on the third floor also fell next to the victim. The incident is under investigation. Mr. Binh has been working at the school for 5 years.

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