The secret to making a great income on Lazada, earn hundreds of millions per month

Thanks to a methodical business strategy and support from the e-commerce platform Lazada, Gia Huan increased its revenue from several million VND/day to tens of millions of VND/day during a time when the economy was struggling due to the epidemic. .

Online business with support from e-commerce floor

Gia Huan’s job opportunities in the tourism industry were frozen when the pandemic broke out in 2020. He decided to turn to an online business – a non-compulsory job at the office 8 hours a day.

At a time when the whole country was struggling because of Covid-19, Gia Huan’s stall specializing in home and life products quietly joined Lazada.

“Joining Lazada Academy, I was taught sales experience by lecturers and guests according to the 1-14 day route and 15-30 day route. In the first route, I shortened the time to 1 week and received the results. positive business results”, Gia Huan recounted.

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Gia Huan joins Lazada Academy, Seller Community to learn from the forerunners.

His entrepreneurial journey has always been accompanied by the seller community, Lazada team and countless business learning platforms on social networks – something he has never experienced when joining other e-commerce platforms.

During the period when the stalls grew too fast, Gia Huan faced a dilemma: Orders poured in during Flashsale while inventory was lacking. Every day he “debts” customers a few hundred orders without goods to send.

“With the advice from the seller in the community and the Lazada support team, I send 4-5 staff members to contact the customer to cancel the order, change the order or refund the money. Thanks to the timely contact, the customer is happy. Seems to cancel orders lead to a quick inventory of orders,” he said.

Revenue skyrocketed thanks to the strategy of “reading” consumers

As a young brand owner, Gia Huan’s sales strategy is no different from a long-time seller. “Usually, I use online tools to assess product consumption and market volume. Survey products that are of interest to sellers and do business in 90 days or over the same period last year, I will sell,” he said.

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Gia Huan has applied a methodical strategy to do business effectively during the pandemic.

According to Gia Huan, because of the characteristics of e-commerce and each industry has different user needs and competitiveness, choosing the right business item is a decisive factor to break through revenue. Realizing that people’s beauty needs have increased due to the long distance, he decided to import trimmer for sale.

“Put it on the floor the night before, the next morning it was ‘exploded’. From the revenue of a few million dong/day, when selling more trimmers, my revenue skyrocketed and peaked at tens of millions of dong/day”, I said.

Opportunity to start a summer business on Lazada

Currently, Mr. Gia Huan owns a store of home and life products with a stable income, and is also a lecturer at Lazada Academy.

From a seller’s perspective, he thinks the middle of the year is an appropriate time to start a business, especially when Lazada strengthens its support for sellers during the 6.6 Shopping Festival. Sellers can take advantage of the file of customers wishing to hunt for summer sales on Lazada, thereby catching the trend by launching beauty and fashion products.

“When tourism demand increases, beauty related products such as sunscreen, skin whitening, … or travel wear such as crossbody bags, gloves, sunglasses, hats, etc. will be popular. “, he commented.

In the long run, customers tend to shop gradually towards the end of the year, so Shopping Festival 6.6 is an appropriate time to lay the “foundation” of business. Sellers should start building booths, increasing brand awareness and coverage from this time to be ready to catch up with the year-end shopping season.

The secret of making a huge income on Lazada, earning hundreds of millions per month - Photo 3.
The secret of making a huge income on Lazada, earning hundreds of millions per month - Photo 4.

Gia Huan became a lecturer at Lazada Academy.

As an example of a successful start-up on the e-commerce floor, Gia Huan believes that the secret to profitable business with new sellers is to learn and cultivate continuously.

“Starting a business is risky and fierce, so you have to always change, research, explore to have a different direction,” he added.

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