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The story of a single girl buying an apartment for more than two billion dong

I am single, being the middle generation of 8X, always living with the spirit of “if spending is reasonable, buying a house is not an illusion”.

After graduating from university, I took the entrance exam for a government agency with a monthly salary of four million dong in 2010. At that time, I could only afford to spend for myself and try to consolidate my job. After a few years, income also increases with relationships and experience, but only enough for personal expenses and giving parents a little bit every month. I started looking for a job to increase my income and choose to do part-time jobs related to the major I studied or my main job.

Just like that, on the day the account balance was about one billion dong, I went to see the house, two years later closed to buy a suitable apartment at the price of 2.3 billion dong and paid it straight in cash. When I bought a house, I was 400 million dong short and had to ask for help from relatives. I moved house in early 2020, when the Covid epidemic broke out so far. Due to good management of my personal life, work and finances, by the end of 2020, I have paid off 400 million VND. Because I focus on repaying the debt, when I moved, I chose the interior decoration plan. I shop for basic necessities first, then miscellaneous things, with a simple lifestyle, so I keep my home appliances minimal.

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After paying off the debt, buying enough furniture, settling into a new home, from 2022 I will continue to accumulate and plan to buy more real estate. If I’m lucky, around the age of 40 I have a passive income besides the income from my current job, and at the same time have a new goal and motivation to strive. Looking back on my youth journey of more than ten years of hard work, still traveling a few times a year, giving my parents money every month, I see that I have not failed my father’s gratitude. My parents are now very reassured about me, whether I am married or single, I also have a place to “go to return”, a small property to prevent risks in life and, importantly, be relatively independent.

Besides, from the beginning, my income is about four million dong per month, now it has increased 10 times, while my living habits are basic, so I don’t spend much. Before, I was important to eat and drink, so I spent a lot on clean food, and clothes, bags, shoes… were only suitable for places where I needed to go, not needing brands or large quantities. I still travel and coffee, but it is also a hard cost planned for the month such as electricity, water, internet… When calculating material and spiritual expenses in accordance with income level, still have a basic life and create accumulated assets.

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In the process of looking for a house, I learned a lot of experiences such as “income can’t compete with house prices”, “savings cannot keep up with inflation”… but the important thing is that only hard work can create it. out material. Therefore, depending on the essential needs of each individual, each family balances spending. If you need to spend a lot, you have to do a lot to ensure safety and prevent risks for yourself and your family.

Currently, my apartment is worth about three billion dong. My life is not under pressure about work and finance, but in addition to the main salary, I still maintain an outside job, basically take the initiative in work, and have more flexibility in my personal life. work, take care of parents and work. I share the article because I want to tell more about the story of how to buy a house, contribute a way to live in Ho Chi Minh City, do not dare to think that I share my experience. Each person grows up in different conditions and environments, only they know how to accomplish their goals. Read this, hope you guys don’t say it out loud in the style of being eager to work and then becoming a loner, or getting married late and having difficulty giving birth… because our job is to try to live well, there are other things that are predestined, discretion and cause and effect.


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