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Things to know before ‘tuning’ the sound for the car

In fact, tuning speakers to increase the “quality” of gasoline or electric cars has a lot of debate on automotive forums about why it is necessary to spend hundreds of millions to replace standard audio equipment. standard on the car.

Things to know before tuning the car sound - Photo 1.

Whether the car audio system should be upgraded is a question many people are interested in. Illustrated photo.

For those who love “zines”, the audio equipment on the car has been calculated and selected by the manufacturer appropriately, if it has to be replaced, it will try to “return to zin” with the manufacturer’s equipment.

The opposing group said that the sound quality of the “zin” system did not meet the needs, the sound experience was even… pretty bad. After a long time of use, the sound is not guaranteed to be sharp or timid… Not to mention, in addition to enhancing entertainment, car audio is also a luxury and classy highlight of the car owner.

Most car audio equipment consists of 3 groups: Control device group, calibration device group and speaker system. Control devices usually include signal players, screens, radio receivers, CD players… These devices are usually placed in an easy-to-operate and prominent position in the center of the dashboard. Due to the limited space in the car, these devices will be integrated “all-in-one” for convenient use.

For old petrol cars, there are usually many control buttons, but according to the general development, the touch screen is preferred to use more. The size of the touch screen is also larger, which can meet the needs of high-quality video viewing.

Things to know before adjusting the sound for cars - Photo 2.

Upgrade car audio equipment to help bring a more special experience to users. Illustrated photo.

The group of calibration equipment mainly includes amplifiers, digital audio processing equipment (Digital Sound Processor – DSP). Most car amps are used for small speakers. Therefore, for those who love young music with fast tempo or non-verbal music, who are demanding on the sound perception of the instrument, it is necessary to have an amp with the corresponding amplification capacity. Calibration devices will usually be placed under the seat, but when used for a long time, the amp will quickly get hot, so the right place is the trunk of the car.

Things to know before adjusting the sound for cars - Photo 3.

Locations for car speakers. Illustrated photo.

Finally, the speaker system includes bass speakers, wing speakers and treble speakers. Bass speakers are used to increase bass and bass. The wing speaker is in charge of both mid and bass tones, and the treble is to increase the vividness and sharpness of the sound. In some high-end segment cars, manufacturers have additional crossover speakers, while popular cars will only use low-power speakers.

Sound connoisseurs will easily recognize the lack of “quality” when feeling with this system. Therefore, the two most used “speaker” options are the addition of column A speakers (the part of the chassis between the driver’s glass and the side glass of the first row) and portable speakers.

Usually, luxury cars are often invested in sound systems. Typically, Mercedes cars have a Burmester surround sound system. C-Class cars like C200, C300 AMG or E-Class like E200, E300 AMG are all equipped with a 13-speaker Burmester surround sound system, especially the S-Class Maybach line has up to 26 speakers.

However, for popular cars, to optimize the selling price, entertainment equipment such as car screens and car audio systems are often cut to an average level, not much investment. On the other hand, ordinary cars have thin bodies and poor sound insulation. Therefore, the sound system is even more important because it can help drown out the noise in the cabin.

Mr. Khoa Vu – owner of a garage in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh said: “There are many difficult customers, they require the sound quality at all positions on the car to be similar to be able to feel the best sound. Especially with electric cars, sitting In the car, there will be no noise from the engine, but it will be very uncomfortable because of the noise from the environment outside the car. As noted by me, this is the group that has invested in the most trendy audio equipment recently.”

Things to know before tuning the car sound - Photo 4.

Khoa Vu, a car audio specialist in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

In response to the question that enhancing audio equipment will consume a lot of power in the car, especially for electric cars, Khoa Vu shared: “I have the most advanced speaker system and a slightly lower subwoofer. For a Vinfast VFe34 car, if you play extremely loud music for a period of 15-20 minutes, it will only consume 1% of the battery at most, so it can be assessed as power consumption of audio equipment in general. does not affect the overall operation of the vehicle”.

The speaker level helps to increase the feeling of experience for drivers, but many people wonder about the fact that if the sound level is too loud in the car, it will distract the driver or cause unsafety in traffic. Explaining this, Mr. Thang Loi, a speaker tuner in Hanoi, said that the sound level does not affect the driving process. On the contrary, if you have to drive a long distance in a quiet space, it is easy to cause drowsiness or the noise outside will cause discomfort to the driver. If there is a suitable sound system to listen to your favorite music, it will help the driver to be more alert.

According to Mr. Loi, at present, there are very few genuine imported car speakers. Most of the big brand car speakers are imported in small and private form. Therefore, in terms of product quality, selling price, and after-sales policy, there is no consensus. Not only that, in the market besides quality goods, cheap car speakers are floating fake and fake big brands of much lower quality.

Therefore, the advice given by professional speaker tuners is that when upgrading car audio systems, car speakers, you should prioritize choosing large car speakers, because these addresses will List prices clearly, have a long-term warranty policy for users.

Users also need to know that the speaker system is directly related to the electrical system. When tuning car speakers, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of automotive electrical engineering, capacity… of speaker systems, amplifiers and certain experience. Otherwise, there will be many potential risks of shorting the speaker, amplifier or affecting the whole car electrical system, especially with electric cars.

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