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Tips to choose the right laminate flooring for the house

Criteria for choosing laminate flooring

Usually, laminate flooring is often said to be not as durable, beautiful and safe as natural wood floors. But now, many international and domestic wood flooring brands have produced affordable flooring that overcomes the above disadvantages and has outstanding advantages.

To ensure safety for consumers’ health, industrial wood is classified according to E0, E1, E2 standards, depending on the Limit of formaldehyde concentration – a chemical harmful to health. Normally, wooden floors should be selected with low formaldehyde content, meeting E0 and E1 standards. However, it is best to choose flooring that has the highest standard SE0 (Super E0) – no formaldehyde added. Also in order to reduce the amount of formaldehyde generated from the adhesive during the construction of laminate flooring, many people prefer wood planks to apply Uniclic lock. For flooring with this technology application, when construction does not need glue, it is easy to install, replace, minimize substances harmful to health, but also has good waterproof and anti-warping ability.

The top layer of laminate flooring is the surface coating, which is usually made of many different materials, giving different effects. However, if homeowners want to maximize their health, they should choose products with a surface coated with an antibacterial silver ion, minimizing the risk of respiratory diseases. In addition, users need to pay attention to choose high-quality products with good waterproofing to maintain durability and scratch-resistant surfaces to keep the house new.

In Vietnam, there are only a few wooden flooring products that meet these strict standards and one of them is Dongwha. Dongwha’s products not only meet SE0 standards but also apply Uniclic lock technology and antibacterial silver ion coated surface. In addition, Dongwha also owns many diverse and rich models to meet the needs of customers.

Choosing wooden floors according to space

The color and material of the floor have a great influence on the aesthetics of the house. Here are color suggestions for each space.

If you live in an apartment with a small area, only a light-colored wooden floor should be used to create a feeling of spacious and seamless house, and at the same time easier to arrange furniture in the house. Noble Oak – Dongwha’s high-end SANUS line – not only meets strict quality standards but also meets aesthetic requirements with warm light wood colors. The surface of the product uses EIR embossing technique, creating the feeling of using real wood and is also anti-slip.

Tips for choosing the right laminate flooring for the house - Photo 1.

Dongwha Noble Oak wooden floor model

On the contrary, if in a house or apartment with a large area, divided into many different rooms, users can completely use many types of wooden floors. However, it is necessary to ensure the harmony of the designs, and it is best not to use more than 2 to 3 samples.

In every house, it seems that the living room and bedroom are the most focused spaces. A place is the “face” of the house, a place is a private space where each person spends a third of their life. For a small room that lacks light, you should choose wooden floors with light colors to create a more spacious and airy feeling. Dongwha suggests some gray-and-white color codes like Select Oak or Sahara Light (Sanus BST).

Tips for choosing the right laminate flooring for the house - Photo 2.

Sahara light wood color, Dongwha’s Sanus collection

For a room with a large area and you are a lover of luxurious and elegant furniture, dark wood floors are the perfect combination. You can consider choosing brown laminate flooring like Classic Walnut in the Sanus collection. If you are a person who likes minimalism, neutral colors are the most suitable choice for you – creating lightness, cool in summer, warm in winter. You can refer to many color codes such as: French Oak, European Oak of the Sanus collection.

Tips for choosing the right laminate flooring for the house - Photo 3.

Dongwha’s Classic Walnut Wood Flooring

Normally, wood material is less popular in the kitchen, but the outstanding quality of today’s wood floors makes it very suitable in the kitchen. This is a place to cook with a lot of grease, so it is advisable to choose a light wood floor, a surface with a certain smoothness, easy to detect stains and clean. In addition, special attention should be paid to the waterproofing ability. NAF laminate flooring is the perfect choice because of its outstanding waterproofing ability. Dongwha wooden floor model with color code Stone and Marble White with bright white imitation stone floor color is popular because it creates a feeling of light like using stone floor but still retains the advantages of wooden floor.

Tips to choose the right laminate flooring for the house - Photo 4.

White Marble Flooring in Dongwha’s Sanus Collection

Dongwha Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a branch of Dongwha Group in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and distributing laminate flooring, is a leading company in industrial furniture in Asia. The brand offers two main product lines, the standard NATUS and the high-end SANUS series with a variety of colors and wood grains, suitable for all homes and many different decoration styles.

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