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Tran Phat Laptop opens a store in Thu Duc with jubilant promotion

Tran Phat Laptop is a laptop shop that has been standing for more than 5 years in the competitive market, distributing laptop products. In order to meet the demand for shopping for quality products at good prices, Tran Phat laptop opened another Thu Duc branch at 96 Huu Nghi, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc City.

Buy Laptop with great discount

Tran Phat Laptop opens a store in Thu Duc with jubilant promotion - Photo 1.

The table above has listed some best-selling products at Tran Phat Laptop, in addition, there are many other Dell and HP EliteBook laptop codes for your reference.

Gifts when customers buy products:

◊ Instant discount of VND 500,000 on any laptop product at the store

◊ Member program to accumulate points, discount from 5% – 15% for members, customers who have previously purchased products at Tran Phat Laptop.

◊ Total of 2 programs, the discount is up to 3,000,000 VND

◊ Hundreds of attractive gifts such as mouse, backpack, keyboard, heat sink,…

Product lines are available at Tran Phat Laptop:

◊ Dell laptop brands include Dell XPS, Dell Latitude, Dell Vostro, Dell Inspiron, Dell Precision and Dell Gaming.

◊ ThinkPad brand including ThinkPad T, ThinkPad X, ThinkPad P

◊ Along with that are product models from HP such as HP Specter, HP Envy, Hp Elitebook, …

100% of products distributed at Tran Phat Laptop are genuine, with warranty up to 12 months and lifetime technical support.

If you still don’t know which laptop model is right for your job or need, don’t hesitate to come to the store and experience it directly for support from a laptop consultant Tran Phat.

Or refer to the machine line according to demand such as:

◊ Basic office learning: Dell Inspiron, Dell Latitude, ThinkPad T, HP Envy

◊ High-performance technical graphics: Dell Precision, ThinkPad P, HP Workstation, …

◊ Luxury business laptops with exquisite design including Dell XPS, ThinkPad X, HP Envy, …

Sales and warranty policy at Tran Phat Laptop

If you cannot go to the store to experience it in person, you can easily shop on online platforms such as Website, FaceBook. Tran Phat laptop also supports many other payment methods such as banking, 0% installment payment via credit card or financial companies HDBank, HomeCredit,… COD support so that customers can buy valuable products with peace of mind. high.

Laptop Tran Phat has more than 5 years of experience in the field of supplying US imported laptop products. The strength of this brand is that the product quality is best guaranteed and the warranty and after-sales service is highly appreciated by many customers. Specifically as:

◊ Lifetime free machine cleaning support

◊ 7 days free trial (7 day return without any cost)

◊ Free 30 day damage return

◊ 3H fast warranty, if the time is over, you can borrow the machine to bring it back to handle the job in time.

Founder of Laptop Tran Phat said: “To get to the current position, Tran Phat Laptop has always focused on customer experience more than ever. Products may change, but service quality must always be responsive. strict requirements of each customer”.

Contact Info:

Tan Binh Store: 103/16 Nguyen Hong Dao, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, HCMC

Thu Duc Store: 96 Huu Nghi, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc City

Hotline: 0833887733


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