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Trying to sell an oil-free fryer, the girl “distorts her face” because she posted the wrong nude photo-Young

Thursday, June 9, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

After posting the sale, the girl was shocked when she received hundreds of followers and friend requests online.

Trying to sell an oil-free fryer, the girl "distorted face"  for posting the wrong nude photo - 1

Recently, the embarrassing incident of a girl on an online sales site is attracting a lot of attention from the online community.

Accordingly, because there is no longer a need for use, Emma Jones (26 years old, British) posted a photo of an oil-free fryer on her eBay channel. The photos describe the product as “previously used” and have “some signs of wear and tear”.

However, she noticed something unusual when there were 50 friend requests, more than 100 messages sent to her personal Facebook name. Not only that, Emma’s Intagram page also has over 150 followers and the message request folder is filled with 100 new messages.

Emma immediately looked at the page for sale, at this point, the fire realized that the 5th photo in the photos posted on her online store was a topless photo of her standing in front of a full-length mirror.

She blushed when she discovered that a nude selfie of herself, along with photos of a fryer for sale, had received 117,000 views and was the highest bid of $1,250.

Emma was “terrorized” with a series of messages mocking her appearance. Such as: “Do you have any close-ups of the parts in the last photo?”, “Is everything in the image above available for purchase? It all looks clean and neat”,… Besides, many people also tried to remind Emma Jones of the incident so that the girl quickly removed the sensitive image.

Immediately after discovering the unfortunate incident, Emma quickly deleted the nude photo, leaving only the image of the fryer. However, after that, the views continued to skyrocket. Therefore, she removed all ads to ensure no further impact.

Sharing her confusion, Emma said: “REDThis is my previous photo when I started the diet. I used my phone to upload the ad, so it could only be that I accidentally touched it when I was choosing photos to post.” Emma was so scared that she decided to give the fryer to someone. you instead continue to sell it.

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