Tuyet Bit Taste of Friendship announces the suspension of art activities

Actress Anh Tuyet (Snow Bit) – who took on the role of Ngoc Diep in “The Taste of Love” suddenly announced to stop her artistic activities.

The Taste of Friendship is a journey to find the roots of Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) – a personality young girl with many dreams ahead, peacefully in the family with her parents and sister, when she suddenly discovers the truth that she only is an adopted child. From that point on, all events fell on her head.

In the movie the character Ngoc Diep do Snow Bit Taking on has attracted many people’s attention because the image could not be worse. To play this role, the actress had to gain nearly 10kg, worsening her face. But through the second part of the film, the role of Tuyet Bit was replaced by another actor.

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Actress Tuyet Bit was noticed when participating in Taste of Friendship

This makes the viewers feel annoyed by the total sacrifice for the role of Tuyet Bit.

In the face of a wave of fierce protests from the audience, the actress spoke out clearly about the cut of the role, and at the same time did not want her story to affect the crew, although she was very sad when she could not appear in part 2. The Taste of Friendship.

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The actress had to gain nearly 10kg to match the character

Recently, on a personal basis, Tuyet Bit shared a status line about stopping artistic activities:

”I’ve come a long way in the past time, tried my best, but now I’m exhausted…. can’t move on….

I made many wrong decisions, things that made me ugly and not really my true self, unintentionally wrong with many people. I’m really sorry for making many people feel bad about me.

And the biggest thing is probably that I didn’t follow my heart, do things I didn’t like, leaving my exhausted mind unable to continue to cope with too much pressure.

The journey back to listening to myself more, regaining new energy, determined to overcome mental weaknesses, so that when I come back, I will be strong, resilient and not afraid of anything in life. this again.

I accept walking slower, but this is the only way for me to help myself overcome difficulties“.

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Tuyet Bit shared a line about stopping art activities

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Many viewers feel regret for the actress’s decision

I don’t know what happened to the actress, but Tuyet Bit’s thoughts made many viewers regret it. Many people wished that the actress would regain her composure soon so that she could participate in many other films, while others respected Tuyet Bit’s decision.

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