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U.23 Vietnam 2-0 U.23 Malaysia: Gently into the quarterfinals

Against an opponent whose resistance was weak because they had run out of motivation to compete, U.23 Vietnam had a gentle victory last night to enter the quarterfinals of the tournament. U.23 Asia 2022 in a worthy way.

“Malaysia will stop Vietnam!”, coach U.23 Malaysia Such a strong statement, but in reality, Malaysia played quite passively against our team, did not create a really dangerous situation, even lost people due to a direct red card, and awarded to U. 23 Vietnam a penalty at the end of the first half.

The penalty kick and the red card made the referee think for a long time, so much so that it affected captain Bui Hoang Viet Anh’s free kick, fortunately he calmly shot the second shot to put the ball in the net. With a score of 2-0 in the first half, U.23 Vietnam was too peaceful when entering the second half, and Malaysia had almost no desire to equalize. They played too slowly in the last 20 minutes of the game, almost giving up without protest.

U.23 Vietnam 2-0 U.23 Malaysia: Gently into the quarterfinals - photo 1

Nham Manh Dung (18) and Viet Anh (4) scored to help U.23 Vietnam win against Malaysia U.23 2-0

Phuc Thang

Remember, U.23 Vietnam’s first goal honored two players: a new Thanh Nhan started in the final match of this group stage, with a perfect cross from the corner, and a shot. Nham Manh Dung’s more perfect header made Vietnamese fans gloat, satisfying their wait. This can be considered the most leisurely match of U.23 Vietnam, and the most boring match of U.23 Malaysia, although the two previous matches they lost more heavily than before. Korea and Thailand. However, it must be seen that Malaysia was unlucky in this match, they were both caught by the VAR penalty and lost people. Malaysia’s No. 7 Mukhiari deserves to be the captain and the leader of this team, he plays with high individual technique, with a strong dash. But he alone could not turn the situation around.

Prime minister Pham Minh Chinh Wish the U.23 Vietnam team continue to surpass themselves

After the convincing victory of U.23 Vietnam last night, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh conveyed congratulations to the team through the acting chairman. Vietnam football federation (VFF) Tran Quoc Tuan. The Prime Minister affirmed: “Congratulations to the U.23 team of Vietnam for reaching the quarterfinals of the AFC U23 Championship 2022. Let’s prepare well for the quarter-finals in the next few days with noble sportsmanship. Continue to promote strength in all aspects, continue for the sake of the Vietnamese flag and colors. Let’s play hard, surpassing yourself without the pressure of achievement.”

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung also congratulated VFF and Vietnam U.23 team. The Minister highly appreciated the fighting will of the Golden Star warriors and believed that the U.23 Vietnam team would continue to play hard in the quarterfinals of the 2022 Asian U.23 tournament. According to VFF Acting President Tran Quoc Tuan : “VFF leaders have praised the team’s competitive spirit, wish the team stay healthy, continue to focus on the quarterfinals. VFF has awarded a total of 1.3 billion VND to the team. Including 600 million VND for the win against U.23 Malaysia, 300 million VND for the draw against U.23 Thailand and 400 million VND for the draw of U.23 Korea.

Trung Ninh

Coach Gong Oh-kyun U.23 Vietnam’s team has changed to 5 positions compared to the previous match, but his players still adhere to the tactics seriously, the gameplay is still gentle but tight, and the players who enter the field for the first time are still prove themselves, that they are true players that have not been used because they have not been used, not “long-term reserves”. I said in a previous post, praising Hai Long that if he was used more often, this player would prove his worth, with his outstanding technical and alert play.

Nham Manh Dung is also perfecting himself to become a special target striker cum central defender of the Vietnamese team in the near future. That said, Vietnam U.23 players have a lot of potential and can play quite versatile, completely interchangeable positions skillfully. Mr. Gong has highlighted this versatility of U.23 Vietnam. In the quarterfinals, no matter which opponent you meet, it will be difficult to play, and it can also highlight the hidden energies of Vietnamese players. That is what makes us hope and believe in this fearless group of players. And that is exactly the Vietnamese character, the Vietnamese identity, the gentleness and fierceness of Vietnam.

U.23 Vietnam 2-0 U.23 Malaysia: Gently into the quarterfinals - photo 2

Nham Manh Dung (18) scored the opening goal in U.23 VN’s victory over Malaysia U.23

Phuc Thang

We played better with each match and had to say goodbye to Thailand U.23 when they lost 0-1 to Korea, but the Thais are still a worthy and formidable opponent of Vietnam regardless of age. This initial success gives Vietnamese youth football more confidence to assert themselves more eloquently at all levels in the region and continent.

U.23 Vietnam 2-0 U.23 Malaysia: Gently into the quarterfinals - photo 3

Post-match speech

Vietnam U.23 head coach Gong Oh-kyun said: “After 3 matches of the group stage, we enjoyed our first taste of victory and reached the quarterfinals. I am very impressed with my players. Before the AFC U.23 Championship 2022, no one thought we could do this, but now U.23 Vietnam has accomplished part of its goal. The road ahead will be full of challenges. As for what I’ve been through, I shouldn’t be talking about myself here. I don’t do anything here, the credit belongs to the players. The coaching staff, the doctor helped the team. I appreciate their hard work and great efforts. The reason why when facing Malaysia U.23, I changed the entire midfield because I was thinking about the quarter-finals. Before the last match of the group stage, I have a plan for this match in terms of personnel. I have no special reason. The players all have good fitness and expertise, so I changed. I chose Viet Anh to take the penalty because he is the captain of the team. Many players wanted to shoot but that moment was very important so I chose the captain.

I’m very happy but the whole team is not in a hurry to celebrate because we have other matches in front of us. I don’t know who I will meet in the quarterfinals, but every opponent is difficult. Every team has high quality, plays very well, so the quarterfinals will definitely not be easy. Also taking this opportunity, I would like to emphasize once again that the quality of the current U.23 Vietnam team players is very good. The attack ability is really good. My job is just to guide the players. I don’t have any special training sessions. We focus on recovery. Then do the calculations. I asked the players what they wanted. They say they want to reach a higher level. I understand and want to take them to new heights.”

Midfielder Nguyen Hai Long exclaimed: “We are very happy to be in the quarterfinals. In the past time, many players have had difficulties because they have not been able to play at the top, but when they entered the tournament, they were able to shoulder the position in the main team, so they had to try their best. I was very surprised when I was chosen as the best player in the match against Malaysia U.23 because this match had more excellent players. I didn’t score but the important thing was that the team won. We want to give this victory to the fans from Vietnam who came here to cheer and the audience back home. We will fight hard in the next match.”

Coach Brad Maloney commented: “I am very disappointed. We started pretty well but the red card and the penalty changed everything. Congratulations U.23 Vietnam. I am not surprised with the midfield of Vietnam. Vietnam had to win to continue, so they had a change to attack more.”

Nhat Duy

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