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Ukraine war: Experts point out Russia’s biggest mistakes

Ukraine war: Experts point out Russia's biggest mistakes - Photo 1.

“Russia thought that the Ukrainian people would greet the Russian army with flowers. This was one of the biggest mistakes that we could clearly see in the first five days of the war,” Colonel Shamanov said.

Retired Colonel Georgy Shpak also said: Russia underestimated Ukraine’s tactics when Ukrainian forces failed to avoid civilians. When conducting defensive operations in urban areas, Ukraine uses Nazi tactics used in the last century. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occupy the upper floors of high-rise buildings and keep civilians in the basements.”

Russia’s next mistake is not taking into account the coordination of the military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the NATO officer corps, let alone the West providing intelligence to Ukraine.

In addition, Russia has not carried out major cyber attacks against Ukraine or the West.

Russia does not use enough combat drones to secure enough successors in battles.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has repeatedly expressed concern about the speed of Russian special forces operations in Ukraine. He once reminded the Russian authorities of a number of “mistakes” and “omissions”, but then in May, Mr. Kadyrob stated that the development of Russian activities in Ukraine was in accordance with the plan. initial.

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