Unbelievably unlucky, U23 Japan lost the opportunity to meet U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals

Up to 4 goals difference compared to the top team U23 Saudu Arabia, U23 Japan entered the match with high determination to get a strong victory to avoid meeting Korea U23 in the quarterfinals, and the position in the first half for the match. saw that they could completely do it when right from the 11th minute, they got a goal from Kuryu Matsuki’s “burning-in” volley.

Looking at the game on the field, everyone thought that it was natural for U23 Japan to score more goals, but in an extremely unlucky round of the “little green samurai”, anything can happen.

Unbelievably unlucky, Japan U23 sadly dropped the opportunity to meet Vietnam U23 in the quarterfinals - Photo 1.

In the 44th minute, Rihito Yamamoto fell in the Tajikistan U23 penalty area, and the referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot. However, on the 11m mark, Matsuki ended up throwing away his chance to score his second goal in this match with a dangerous shot… into the right post.

Less than 10 minutes earlier, the referee also once pointed at the penalty spot of U23 Tajikistan, but with the intervention of VAR, the referee finally had to withdraw his decision after careful review. falling situation in the penalty area of ​​the Japanese U23 player.

Meanwhile, in the match at the same time between U23 Saudi Arabia – the team that is leading Group D and U23 UAE – the team still has a chance if they get all 3 points before the neighboring team, U23 UAE was extremely unlucky when two Their consecutive finishes in the 16th minute both defeated goalkeeper U23 Saudi Arabia, but both found the opponent’s goal post.

In the 40th minute, while Japan U23 was still “stomping in place” with a minimal difference, Haitham Asiri of Saudi Arabia U23 successfully put the ball into the net. But VAR intervened to let the referee determine that the player had played the ball with his hand before scoring. At the end of the first round, the top spot is in the hands of Japan U23, which means they will face each other U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals.

Unbelievably unlucky, U23 Japan sadly dropped the opportunity to meet U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals - Photo 2.

But “happy days are short-lived”, while U23 Japan was still struggling to find the second goal against the bottom team, in the 57th minute, U23 Saudi Arabia got the necessary goal to usurp the top of the table from the first phase. The ball was extremely calm and then Ayman Yahya’s technical finish. Less than 1 minute later, Japan also got a second goal against U23 Tajikistan. At this time, Japan U23 needs 4 more goals to reclaim the top of the table.

In the 64th minute, the drama happened when Shunsuke Mito of Japan U23 had to receive a red card to leave the field after a dangerous kick on the opponent’s heel. Four minutes later, they added another cut to hit the U23 Tajikistan net, but bad luck called their names again when VAR entered the game to determine Taika Nakashima was in an offside position.

“Untouchable drawing” for Japan U23 when it was 75 minutes for captain Eid Khamis of UAE U23 to be directly disqualified by the referee. At this time, the opportunity for U23 Saudi Arabia to meet U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals is wide open.

Unbelievably unlucky, U23 Japan sadly dropped the opportunity to meet U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals - Photo 3.

While Japan U23 scored a goal to raise the score to 3-0 in the last minute of injury time, also in the last minute of injury time, U23 Saudi Arabia successfully “finished” the opponent with a goal on the penalty spot after 11m. The handball phase of the UAE U23 defender, firmly built the top of the table.

This result brings joy to U23 Saudi Arabia when it avoids the defending U23 champion Korea, but also the joy of U23 Vietnam when under Coach Park Hang-seo, young West Asian teams have had many successes. times having to “cry and hate” in front of Vietnamese football teams.


U23 Japan 3-0 U23 Tajikistan

U23 Saudi Arabia 2-0 U23 UAE


Korea U23 vs Japan U23

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