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US House of Representatives to testify on gun violence

Family photos and people related to victims of shootings.

The US House of Representatives has just held a hearing on the issue of gun violenceas factions in the US Congress are still at odds over how to prevent mass shootings across the country.

Pictured outside the Capitol, the US Congress are gun-safety groups working to push branches of government to reform gun laws. Attending the rally were the Speaker of the House of Representatives and other parliamentarians.

US House of Representatives to testify on gun violence - Photo 1.

Photos outside the Capitol, the US Congress are groups advocating for gun safety

Inside Congress, at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, 4th grader Miah Cerrillo recounted on video what she experienced during the Texas elementary school shooting. last month, where two teachers and 19 students were killed.

Baby Miah Cerrillo – A witness to the shooting in Texas, USA said: “The teacher went out to lock the door, the shooter was in the hallway. She went to the back of the class and told us to find a place to hide, so we were all. hid under her desk and behind backpacks He went through the door and shot the teacher, said good night and shot her in the head. Then he shot some friends, he shot you right next to me, I smeared all over with blood. person… Then I took my teacher’s phone and called 911”.

US House of Representatives to testify on gun violence - Photo 2.

Democrats and Republicans are divided on both sides of the aisle on gun control. Republican senators protested against restricting the sale of firearms that were recently used at two mass shootings in Texas and New York, which claimed the lives of 31 people. While public opinion polls show a majority of Americans support steps to expand background checks on gun buyers and other measures to prevent gun violence.

Immediately after hearings on gun violence, the US House of Representatives passed a bill to raise the minimum age to buy some firearms from 18 to 21 and tighten measures to ban possession of untraceable firearms. history. However, this bill has little chance of being passed by the Senate, which will face opposition from Republican Senators.

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