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US says Chinese hackers infiltrate major telecom companies

Hackers China hacked “major telecommunications companies” among other targets around the world, according to US security officials.

US says Chinese hackers infiltrate major telecommunications companies - Photo 1

US says Chinese hackers infiltrate major telecom companies

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US security agencies say Chinese hackers intrusion by exploiting known software bugs in transmission lines as well as some other common network devices, CNN reported on June 8.

“These devices are often overlooked by cybersecurity professionals. They have had a hard time keeping them up and running and haven’t missed the periodic software patches of the services and terminals they use. use the Internet,” according to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency.

This statement does not identify victims of the breach, but rather aims to take precautions to help organizations using equipment manufactured by Cisco, Fortinet, and other vendors strengthen their networks.

“To dislodge [các tin tặc Trung Quốc]we have to understand the technical problems and detect them at the first steps of access,” Rob Joyce, an official with decades of work at the NSA, wrote on Twitter.

The Chinese government frequently denies the alleged cyber attack from this country.

This is the scene new newspaper best in a series of public warnings from US cybersecurity officials about trying to reduce the impact of foreign agents infiltrating critical computer networks and collecting data for espionage or other purposes. Usually, hackers use known software vulnerabilities, meaning that fixes are available.

FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate, in a speech in April, accused China of “conducting more cyber intrusions than all the other countries in the world combined.”

Chinese hackers suspected of hacking US networks

Allegations of cyberattacks have become a significant source of tension in US-China relations. US President Joe Biden once raised this issue in a phone call with the President of China Xi Jinping in September 2021.

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