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Vietnam ranks 68th out of 120 countries on the budget transparency index

Vietnam’s budget disclosure and transparency index increased 9 places compared to 2019, ranking 68th out of 120 countries and territories.

According to the results of the Global Open Budget Survey 2021 (OBS2021) just announced by the International Organization for Budget Cooperation (IBP), Vietnam’s budget transparency score has improved compared to previous assessments. advance price.

Vietnam is currently ranked 68th out of 120 countries, up 9 places compared to 2019 and 23 places compared to 2017. Compared to other countries in the region, Vietnam stands above Cambodia and Myanmar but is still behind many countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar. Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

The three main pillars for IBP to assess the overall level of budget disclosure in a country include budget transparency, budget monitoring and citizen participation. “Public Participation” assesses opportunities for public participation in the various stages of the budgeting process.

The top countries with the most budget transparency are Georgia, South Africa, and Sweden. The best group of budget supervisors are Germany, Norway, and Korea. In Korea, the UK, and New Zealand, people’s participation in the budget issue is the highest.

With the two largest economies in the world, the US is in the top 20 budget transparency countries (68 points), top 10 countries with good budget supervision (83 points), citizen participation index (22 points); China has the lowest budget transparency scores (20 points), public participation is also the lowest (0 points), budget supervision (28 points).

Vietnam ranks 68th in terms of budget transparency scores, ahead of Cambodia and Myanmar but still lags behind some other countries in the region.  Source:

Vietnam ranks 68th in the budget transparency score, ahead of Cambodia and Myanmar but still behind many other countries in the region. Source: IBP

In 2021, Vietnam’s pillar of budget transparency reached 44 points out of 100 – ranked in the bottom half of the ranking and at the level of “limited information available”. The budget monitoring pillar scored 80 out of 100 – in the top 10 of the best countries, the public participation pillar was rated 17 out of 100 – 14 points above the global average.

IBP recognizes the year Vietnam has improved in its Citizens Budget Reporting and provides estimates and budget estimates for many years. However, in order to enhance its position and improve budget transparency, Vietnam should update its mid-year budget report to include forecasts of the macroeconomic situation along with an estimate of the progress towards revenue collection. whole year…

The Open Budget Survey (OBS) is an initiative to promote publicity and transparency of the budget, coordinated by IBP with independent social organizations (in Vietnam, the Center for Development and Integration – CDI). Currently more than 100 countries and territories around the world, the assessment cycle is every two years since 2006.

From 2020, the Ministry of Finance will start operating the State Budget Public Portal to help publicize budget information and data. This portal updates the annual budget estimates and finalization data of the central government and local ministries and agencies. However, the updating of local ministries has not yet been fully implemented.

In the coming time, the Ministry of Finance commits to better publicize the state budget, and guides the inspection and supervision of localities, ministries or branches to strictly implement the disclosure according to regulations.

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