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Viettel Solutions won the Grand Trophy at IT World Awards 2022

This is the second time Viettel Solutions has won the Grand Trophy Winner – the highest title of the season along with 5 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze awards for digital transformation products and solutions.

Viettel Solutions’ products and solutions are recognized by world experts for their technological capabilities, making positive contributions to Vietnamese society in particular and the world in general; put Viettel on par with famous enterprises such as AttackIQ, BairesDev, Tek Leaders Inc, WatchGuard Technologies, Zyterb…

Accordingly, Viettel Solutions won the Gold award in the category of Social Responsibility Program of the Year for Viettel Solutions’ practical contributions to the healthcare and education sectors, bringing positive changes to the national digital transformation strategy. to improve the quality of life for the people.

The second Gold Award was honored for the National COVID-19 Immunization Platform Project and the Electronic Health Book in the category of Support Campaign, Customer Care Service of the Year. In just a short time, Viettel Solutions has completed building the foundation, effectively supporting more than 22,000 vaccination facilities, meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Health, serving the largest vaccination campaign in Vietnamese history. Nam with more than 90 million vaccinated subjects, administering 150 million injections. Along with that, the hotline 19009095 received and answered more than 10 million calls from July to the end of December 2022, effectively supporting the success of the vaccination campaign.

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Next, two technology solutions that won the Gold award named Viettel Meeting Platform (VMP) were named in the category of Video solutions & online conferencing; The solution of the non-stop toll collection center (ETC Backend) was honored in the category of IT Solutions for the transportation sector. The above solutions are all developed by Viettel Solutions; affirming Viettel’s technological capacity to the world by its security, flexibility, ability to apply 4.0 technology, and easy integration with other systems in the ecosystem. Up to now, the ETC Backend solution has been deployed and integrated directly at 35 toll stations, connecting with 79 other toll stations to help drivers pass through toll booths about 60 times faster than the traditional method. to help the Government easily manage and make transparent the toll collection activities of BOT investors.

The fifth Gold Award was awarded to the K12Online Online Exam Learning Platform in the category of Best Technology Products to combat and reduce the impact of COVID-19. The solution supports 400,000 teachers and 3.4 million students at 35,000 educational institutions nationwide (accounting for 80%) during the period of social distancing due to the Covid-19 epidemic. K12Online has built a huge resource with 2.5 million learning materials, including lectures, tests, hosted 4,000 online meetings, 600 online conferences and 243,000 virtual classrooms. In less than 1 year the system has reached 100 million hits. In addition, Viettel Solutions’ Digital Education Ecosystem also won the Silver Award in the category of IT Services for Education.

As a new product in the digital solution ecosystem of Viettel Solutions – Viettel Intelligent Collaboration Solutions (vICS) – was honored with the Bronze Award in the category New Product and Service of the Year – Cloud/SaaS technology along with American names such as Cisco ThousandEyes, Infoblox. vICS is a document storage, synchronization and sharing system developed to meet the domestic market demand for smart online office products, towards global integration. Taking advantage of software development based on open source code, vICS can save costs for customers while ensuring network information security.

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