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VNPT cooperates with AWS to provide comprehensive digital transformation solutions for governments and businesses

Booming digital transformation market in Vietnam

With the success of the industrial revolution 4.0, digital transformation is now an inevitable trend for all countries, organizations and businesses. Tremendous changes in labor productivity, needs, psychology, habits, user experience and new business models are being formed, showing a great role and impact in social life. The current society of digital transformation affects all industries in life.

VNPT cooperates with AWS to provide comprehensive digital transformation solutions for governments and businesses - Photo 1.

VNPT cooperates with AWS to provide a comprehensive digital transformation solution

The importance of digital transformation has been clearly recognized by governments or businesses, but successful implementation is not an easy thing. In fact, GOV units or enterprises are still facing many barriers in the transformation process such as: Relatively high investment costs while the effectiveness is not evident in the short term; difficulties in changing business habits and practices; lack of experts, internal human resources knowledgeable about digital technology… This situation requires technology enterprises in Vietnam to take the lead in leading, orienting, and putting new and modern technologies in the world into their products. , services provided to corporate and institutional customers.

VNPT chooses AWS to accompany on its pioneering journey of digital transformation

As a pioneer in leading national digital transformation, VNPT has been constantly innovating to improve the quality of telecommunications-IT services, accompanying national digital transformation and supporting digital transformation in businesses. Karma. Most recently, VNPT announced that it has selected Amazon Web Service (AWS) – a subsidiary of Amazon global group as a partner in building comprehensive cloud computing solutions for government and business customers. in Viet Nam.

Accordingly, VNPT will use AWS’s comprehensive infrastructure and services to complement the Group’s existing infrastructure and expand its use of AWS compute, storage, data, and security services. to provide privacy, reliability, and scale for VNPT solutions. Besides, through the cooperation with one of the top three Cloud service providers in the world, VNPT hopes to promote cooperation between the information technology teams of the two units, taking advantage of technologies. The latest AWS to enhance creativity, rapidly develop new IT products and services in the cloud, enable Vietnamese people, organizations and businesses to grow sustainably. In the first phase of the cooperation, VNPT wishes to integrate the technological strengths of two major platforms on AWS, the multi-cloud platform and the data lake, to create differentiated products and services with the most optimal costs for digital transformation of countries and businesses.

Maximize the capacity of both sides to provide a comprehensive digital transformation solution

AWS, a member of the Amazon online retail group, is a company providing cloud computing services with a leading global market share, including computing, storage, databases, analytics, and results. networking, mobility, developer tools, management tools, Internet of Things (IoT), security, and enterprise applications. These services help businesses grow faster, reduce IT costs, and scale.

Meanwhile, VNPT is a pioneering technology corporation implementing the National Digital Transformation program, developing and providing a digital ecosystem with a data-driven business model to help transform itself and customers strongly. organize enterprises, accumulate resources and apply technology to increase economic efficiency.

The cooperation event between VNPT and AWS is an important move to further improve VNPT’s technology products, make full use of the capabilities of the parties, thereby shortening the digital transformation time for businesses. , government agency in Vietnam.

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