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What does actress Thu Ha say about Thuong’s ending in “Thuong on a sunny day”?

From episode 29″Love the sunny day” Part 2 Thuong’s character begins to be exposed for the crimes caused to Khanh, but Thuong’s attitude still makes the audience “hot eyes” and doesn’t seem to really know what’s wrong. Do you think your character is being strengthened? Is it too much of a tone like Duc asked, with Khanh being outside Thuong can treat badly, but why is it like that with his younger brother and grandchildren?

According to Ha, today’s society also has a lot of people willing to trample on their blood relatives to gain personal benefits. Therefore, according to Ha, the image of Thuong’s character is not too much, but only a true reflection of those people who are still very much in society.

  What does actress Thu Ha say about Thuong's ending in

Besides the character of Mrs. Hien, Thuong is also a character who received a lot of “bricks and stones”. Some people even commented that Thuong is the most evil sister-in-law on Vietnamese screens. What do you think about this comment?

Indeed, so far, Vietnamese screens often build images, conflicts about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are many. Perhaps the conflict between the sister-in-law and the sister-in-law was not until “Thuong on a sunny day” began to exploit and attract such attention. So, from what the character Thuong did, the title of the most evil sister-in-law on the Vietnamese screen is also completely reasonable. Ha thinks the audience was very accurate in making such comments.

  What does actress Thu Ha say about Thuong's ending in

Honestly, do you have any sympathy for your character?

Actually, with the character Thuong, it is very difficult to get sympathy. Because Thuong is a conservative, obstinate person, ready to step on everything to achieve his goals. And from the perspective of an actor, Ha thinks that once she accepts the role, she must live in that character. No matter what kind of role it is, good or bad, the actor accepts to immerse himself in the character, transform into the character and live the character’s life to fulfill the role in the best way. For the audience to love or hate is also the success of the actor.

  What does actress Thu Ha say about Thuong's ending in

Beloved is the most hated character in the movie but also the character who suffers the most, especially in recent episodes. Which scene makes you feel “remembered” the most?

Honestly, every time I shoot the scene where I get hit, it hurts, but it hurts the most (Laughs). In “Thuong on a sunny day”, the character Thuong was beaten twice by the two wives of the two boyfriends, and every time he hit, he always remembered his life. The scenes are all real shots and have to go back and forth to get the camera angles so it hurts and those slaps are also called seeing a thousand twinkling stars (Laughs)

What do you think about the ending of the character Thuong?

The end of the character Thuong is the same as everyone saw in yesterday’s episode. Love lost everything: from husband and children, parents to sisters. Emptiness went to the street empty-handed, had no place to live and was still beaten up. Ha thinks that is also a worthy ending for Thuong, after all the things she caused.

After this role, Thu Ha made an unforgettable impression on the screen but in a very personal way. How are your feelings?

Although Thuong’s role made a strong impression on the audience, for Ha, it was a joy. Because this is a role that marks Ha’s return to the screen, Ha thanked the audience very much for accepting this role, even though I hate it.

  What does actress Thu Ha say about Thuong's ending in

Have you ever encountered any trouble or trouble because of the character Thuong?

Actually, the audience in the 4.0 era is very civilized and fair. Because they all clearly distinguish between the characters on the film and the actors in real life, Ha did not face any trouble during the broadcast. Maybe it’s just a little bit of hate (Laughs).

In the near future, which role do you want to identify?

In the coming time, Ha is still ready to play evil roles. Since everyone chooses the good role, who will play the evil role? Hope the audience will always support and love Ha as well as her roles.

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