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“What fruit is originally green, turns red when eaten, then turns black?”

Continuation of the series fun quizzes Recently hot on MXH, today’s question is: “What fruit is inherently green, turns red when eaten, and eventually turns black?”. To see how many people are observant enough to find the answer.

Usually, many people will immediately think of watermelon by the outer shell is green, the flesh inside is red and the seeds are black. But in this puzzle, watermelon is the wrong answer because it does not have a “transformation” when eaten. So what is the correct answer?

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If the question is “What fruit is green with red skin” then watermelon is the correct answer!

The correct answer to this question should be areca berries.

Initially the areca berries are green. Vietnamese people have the custom of eating betel nut, which will include a piece of betel leaf, a piece of areca and a little lime, some people will like to add the roots. When put in the mouth to chew, the betel nut will turn red. And when finished eating, the residue spit out is black (red sky black). That’s why isca is the correct answer to this question.

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On festive occasions, betel nut is prepared for guests to enjoy, but usually mothers at home will have a small tray ready on the table to drink water.

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