What is the most expensive city in the world in 2022?

ECA International has compiled a list of the world’s most expensive cities for 2022 based on a number of factors, including the average price of goods and household spending on essentials such as milk and oil. food, rent, utilities, public transport and the strength of the local currency.

What is the most expensive city in the world in 2022?  - first

Hong Kong is rated as the most expensive city in the world for the third time in a row. Photo: Reuters

CNN reported that this is the third year in a row that Hong Kong has held the “throne” according to the ECA index. This index specifically focuses on the assessment of foreign workers and expatriates about cities.

This year, Asia can be considered the most expensive continent in the world, when there are 5 cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou (both in China), Tokyo (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea). among the top 10 cities on the list.

Asia is also home to the fastest-growing cities. It is the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, promoted from 162nd to 149th.

As to the reason for the growing presence of Chinese cities on the list, Lee Quane, ECA’s regional director for Asia explained: “The majority of Chinese cities in our ranking have inflation rates higher than we’re used to seeing, but still generally lower than other Asian cities. So, the main reason for their increase in rankings is that the Chinese Yuan continues to strengthen against other major currencies.“.

In contrast, European cities such as Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium) fell in rankings. In particular, the French capital, which once held the most expensive position in the world, fell out of the top 30 cities.

Nearly every major eurozone city has dropped its rankings this year as the euro has underperformed in the past 12 months against the US dollar and the British pound.“, said Mr. Quane.

External factors such as politics and hostilities may also play a role. Russia’s launch of a military offensive against Ukraine and subsequent sanctions by the US and its allies against Russia means Moscow is in 62nd place and St Petersburg in 147th place.

The most expensive city in Europe is Geneva, Switzerland, in third place after Hong Kong and New York (USA). Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc, instead of the Euro.

Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has played a role in global supply chains and factors economy another messed up the ECA’s rankings.

List of 10 most expensive cities in the world in 2022

1. Hong Kong (China)
2. New York (USA)
3. Geneva (Switzerland)
4. London (England)
5. Tokyo (Japan)
6. Tel Aviv (Israel)
7. Zurich (Switzerland)
8. Shanghai (China)
9. Guangzhou (China)
10. Seoul (South Korea)

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