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What’s inside the most chosen soybean oil bottle 10 years in a row?

“I only believe in using one type of soybean oil” and the story of unchanging faith

In May 2022, Simply sent a message of gratitude to millions of customers when it became the most chosen soybean oil brand for 10 consecutive years.

.  10 years - 1 decade - Simply soybean oil still maintains its position as the top choice in the shopping carts of housewives across Vietnam - this has become the strongest value measure for the quality of the product. is identified as the

What’s inside the most chosen soybean oil bottle 10 years in a row? – first

A regular customer of Simply soybean oil, Ms. Thanh Tram (33 years old, Hanoi), shared that she only believes in using Simply soybean oil and this choice has remained unchanged for more than a decade.

Present at a mini supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City, we chat with women who are

What’s inside the most chosen soybean oil bottle 10 years in a row? – 2

Model, MC Thuy Hanh also shared on her personal page that: “Choosing Simply is my family choosing health for the heart, choosing a more sustainable, quality life.”

Millions of consumers have chosen Simply soybean oil as a companion for heart health care for the whole family. So, what is hidden inside this product that has been “chosen to send gold” for a long time throughout and what has convinced millions of fastidious consumers?

“For a healthy heart” – the reason behind the constant love beliefs

“10 years in a row” firmly in the position of “best buy” among countless options is not an easy task. But the truest reason to explain this position is the trust of millions of consumers with the product they have had time to learn, choose and experience.

Looking deeper into the journey of accompanying Vietnamese consumers’ heart health, it can be seen that from the very beginning more than 2 decades ago, Simply soybean oil has chosen to take the mission of “for a healthy heart”. . Consistently, persistently and constantly striving for that mission, Simply has continuously improved and renewed itself with quality products to meet consumer needs, becoming the first and only cooking oil brand. recommended by the Vietnam Society of Cardiology.

Not only bringing pure soybean oil products that win the trust of consumers, Simply also leaves a mark as a brand for the community and people’s heart health. Collaborate with many leading cardiologists to guide the heart-protective diet; implemented a series of programs for the community with practical significance such as: “Free heart health consultation” nationwide since 2010, in collaboration with the Vietnam Heart Health Fund and the Cardiology Association. Vietnam organized a symposium on Hypertension, cardiovascular health; especially companion walking programs to propagate a healthy lifestyle and prevent high blood pressure…

Every day, the system of factories across the country still closely follows every step of the process of processing each bottle of finished oil, each delivery truck is still moving up and down to deliver the product dubbed “the cooking oil of the heart” and each Vietnamese kitchen is still working with Simply to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. That’s how Simply is with everyone to spread the belief “for a healthy heart”. The position of “The Most Selected Soybean Oil Brand for 10 Years in a Row” is the clearest proof of a brand that always strives for the mission: “For a healthy heart – for the heartbeat of love” – to take care of consumers’ health in a very sincere, simple way, in a very “Simply” way!

According to market research results of Kantar Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho and Rural Vietnam from January 2012 to December 2021.

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