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When the debt is due, my husband told me about the loan

My husband and I have no assets, now adding my husband’s debt makes me stuck.

I am 28 years old, doing marketing, my salary after deducting everything is 15 million dong. Husband is 32 years old, works in real estate, his salary is 12 million VND after deductions. The husband and wife are from the same hometown of Nghe An, moved to Hanoi to settle down, have no children.

We rent a house in Hanoi for three million dong per month, planning to have a baby soon. Husband contributed capital to invest in land project with the amount of 300 million dong, of which 100 million dong is his money, 200 million dong borrowed without telling me. Now it’s time to pay the debt, the husband said.

>> Debt and irresponsible husband

According to the plan, this time the land is sold, the money will be recovered, but now the real estate is difficult, the legal land project has not been sold, and it is not known when it can be sold. That made me think a lot. Both parents have difficulties, so are my friends, now I don’t know who to borrow because I have borrowed to pay for the treatment of relatives before.

All day at work, I only think about what to do to earn extra income, because my husband’s job is now difficult and precarious, with more debt and plans to have children. Hope everybody consulting.


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