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Why tomorrow Thu Hang will release a new MV with bold Northwest breath

Create a transformative, fancy shape imbued with the Northwest breath in the MV ‘Afternoon flute’ by Sao Mai Thu Hang.

Champion Morning Star 2015 Nguyen Thu Hang just released MV Afternoon flute sound – a new composition with the Northwestern sound of musician Tuan Ho. The afternoon flute tells the dreamy love story of a young highland girl with the man who owns the sound of the flute in the afternoon forest. But the song is not only a love story, but from the romantic infatuation in that love has opened up a very beautiful, fanciful, poetic Northwest space, giving wings to that love more fragrant, romantic more romantic. Thanks to the beauty of love, the girl turns into a mountain fairy lifted by love, her love melody is heard everywhere, creating a magical and brilliant beauty like a painting for one dimension. The Northwest is infatuated.

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The female singer sang the song with a Northwest love that was always fluttering in her heart. “So far, Hang has always been very fond of Northwestern music and is always looking for songs of this quality. Hang has searched a lot, and until musician Tuan Ho sent the song the song. Afternoon flute soundHang fell in love right away.

The song has all the things Hang likes. It is about the romantic love of a highland girl and shows the poetic Northwest beauty, floating like a picture as Hang always remembers. The melody and lyrics of the song really paint the soul and beauty of the Northwest in a very clear way,” Thu Hang said.

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That is also one of the reasons that Nguyen Thu Hang chose to make the MV at the studio instead of going with the crew to wander through the Northwest to record in the traditional way. Nguyen Thu Hang hopes that in this way, the audience will feel more about the Northwest through her musical “narrative”.

Along with music, MV Afternoon flute sound also attracts viewers with the beautiful and very strange image of Nguyen Thu Hang. She constantly transforms through many unique costumes created from the beauty of the ethnic minorities in the Northwest. The image of Nguyen Thu Hang in the MV is even more “strange” when using an impressive makeup style that emphasizes her rosy cheeks dotted with freckles…

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The costumes in the MV of Nguyen Thu Hang are made by the designer Cao Minh Tien. To create these designs, designer Cao Minh Tien had an interesting combination between Ao Dai and many textures and materials in the costume culture of the Northwest ethnic groups. The improvisational, eye-catching mix of designs and the interesting creativity of Cao Minh Tien’s headband have helped Nguyen Thu Hang “strangely beautiful” in the MV.

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“Hang loves the Northwest very much. She loves the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the murmuring streams, the peaceful nature, the sincere and warm people… Hang wants to share that love with her audience through Afternoon flute sound. Hang hopes the audience will come to the Northwest with Hang through this song,” the singer shared.

MV Afternoon flute sound is the next musical product of the Morning Star Champion Nguyen Thu Hang after the musical film The soul of a thousand dollars released in December 2021 about the sacrifices of fallen soldiers for peace today on the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army.

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In parallel with the career of a singer, Nguyen Thu Hang is currently a teaching assistant for Dr. Phuong Nga – deputy head of the vocal department of the Vietnam National Academy of Music. In her new role as a teacher, Nguyen Thu Hang shared, she felt like she was empowered to strive to learn more and improve herself more and more on the artistic path.

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