‘You are still the source of suffering’

Recently, Hien Thuc made a surprise when he told a story at the age of 17, about the relationship “without a beginning, so there is no end”, so it is not really a love affair, but it causes many intense emotions. never forget: “I put on my hand a ring that has been waiting for me for the past 24 years. Many thousands of days away, I wonder how you have managed with that wound, bleeding pain, pain to the left and right? It’s me! I’m sorry a thousand times…I asked ‘do you miss me?’ then I feel stupid, still like a 17-year-old crazy girl.

He asked: ‘Why did you do that?’. I also don’t know where to answer, only know that there is a deep cut, pain like never before.

I thought I was free from ordinary attachment, beyond all oceans of pain, that I had dried up my tears, but in the end you are still a source of suffering and death that cannot be reversed. It’s me! Your debt is an irrevocable debt… We have no beginning, so there is no end. I wallow in self-loathing, there is more injustice than no regrets, no resentment. I love you”.

Hien Thuc talks about 'love' at 17 years old: 'You are still the source of suffering' - 1

Under the post, Hien Thuc shared more: “She was 17 at the time, just a street meeting of the usual acquaintance, she drove a Honda and he chased him with a sepia Spacy. So they got to know each other in the loveliest way in a bright corner of the city. I don’t know if it’s love or not, but perhaps for the rest of her life she will have this cute name engraved: S.K”.

In the comment section, Hien Thuc added: “First love often ends so stupidly, it’s so pure that you wish you could die to have it again.”

Those lines made many viewers surprised when they saw the strange image of Hien Thuc in love, it turned out that when he loved her, he was also passionate and cherished each memory. After life’s ups and downs, the public always looks forward to singing Diary soon find a happy destination.

Hien Thuc is famous for a series of hit songs like Mom’s Diary, Even With Mistakes, As Still Here, Beloved in the Wind… The career is successful, but the love story of the singer born in 1981 is difficult. Hien Thuc once had a beautiful love affair with musician Tuan Thang, but this relationship did not come to a happy ending. After giving birth to her first child with Tuan Thang, Hien Thuc decided to be a single mother.

Giving birth at the age of 21, the singer had to face many difficulties. Before all the ups and downs, Hien Thuc was strong enough to overcome, take care of and raise Gia Bao’s daughter alone. At the age of 41, Hien Thuc is enjoying a peaceful and happy single life with her daughter. She did not appear much in front of the media, but only accepted to participate in suitable programs. In her daily life, the female singer maintains a vegetarian habit to ensure health and preserve her beauty, youthful and slim figure.

Hien Thuc talks about 'love' at 17 years old: 'You are still the source of suffering' - 2
Hien Thuc talks about 'love' at 17 years old: 'You are still the source of suffering' - 3

At the age of 41, Hien Thuc is still surprised by her youthful appearance.

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