‘Youtube is full of scam ads’

According to Business Insider, Elon Musk has just made a post aimed at YouTube. Specifically, the richest man on the planet thinks that the website is only “deceptive ads”, even censoring things like swearing.

It is known that according to community guidelines, Youtube does not ban users from swearing, but still encourages content creators to avoid using language that is not suitable for advertising purposes. YouTube also said it was restricting creators from monetizing videos that “frequently use severe profanity”. However, this policy does not apply to music videos.

Currently, a representative of Youtube has not yet commented.

Business Insider said that over the past time, YouTube has struggled to control content on the platform, especially about cryptocurrency scams. In 2020, the platform faces at least 18 crypto-related lawsuits, one of which is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He argued that YouTube and Google had spread deceptive ads containing his image, but this charge was later dismissed by a judge who held that YouTube was not responsible for user posts.

Elon Musk: Youtube is only full of fraudulent ads - Photo 1.

Elon Musk thinks that Youtube only has “deceptive ads”, even censoring uncultured things like swearing

On YouTube, many deceptive ads are also aimed directly at Musk fans, even though the billionaire has nothing to do with them. According to Tenable, a risk management company, a series of scam videos about the bogus SpaceX digital currency have helped the people behind earn more than $9 million.

It is known that YouTube always has a positive opinion when it comes to efforts to control misinformation. The platform decided to ban former President Donald Trump in January 2021 after the riots at the Capitol and only reinstated his account when the danger of violence subsided.

Alleging that YouTube has many deceptive ads, Musk is also currently reconsidering the Twitter deal, citing that the social networking platform does not provide enough accurate information.

Specifically, the billionaire’s lawyer said the social networking platform is “actively opposing and preventing” Musk’s interests in the process of completing a $44 billion settlement. In addition, the company also “denied Musk’s request for data” and did not disclose the exact number of fake accounts on the platform. According to the lawyers, these are enough for Elon Musk to unilaterally cancel the deal.

Elon Musk: Youtube is only full of fraudulent ads - Photo 2.

Elon Musk was also accused by Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of digital currency Dogecoin, as a “scam”.

Earlier, in May, Elon Musk also announced on Twitter that he was suspending the acquisition of the social network because the number of fake accounts on the platform was less than 5%. He thinks the actual number should be at least 20%, so the methods of calculating the number of virtual users are extremely “loose”.

“The deal with Twitter will be temporarily shelved until detailed reports on the fake accounts are available. To see if they’re right about 5% of users,” Musk said.

However, in the opposite direction, Elon Musk was also accused by Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of digital currency Dogecoin, as a “scam”.

“He is nothing more than a fraudster. Musk promises it will one day succeed, but he is not sure about it himself. He’s very good at pretending, and that’s most evident in the promise of a fully self-driving Tesla,” Jackson Palmer said. “I am not a fan of Musk. I don’t care about him like many other billionaires.”

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