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3 golden days of immunity for babies born by caesarean section

The importance of the immune system – you may not know

The immune system is considered a “shield” to protect the child from pathogens from the outside environment. In infants and young children, the immune system is not yet fully developed, which is also the reason why children are more susceptible to infections than adults, especially those born by caesarean section, which have weaker resistance than those born vaginally.

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A strong immune system allows children to develop better physically, helping them recover quickly from illness. Therefore, mothers need to actively strengthen their children’s immunity from an early age, thereby increasing their ability to resist the attack of viruses and bacteria, especially during the complicated epidemic period like the present. now.

The “loss” in the immune system of babies born by caesarean section

It is no coincidence that experts recommend that mothers ensure optimal nutrition for their children as soon as possible, because the first 1000 days of life is a very important time for both physical and mental development. children’s brains. The first few days of life in babies born by caesarean section are even more important, as it determines whether the baby’s immune system can keep up with those born by natural birth.

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In infants, the gut is the “center of the immune system”. The gut is also known as the largest immune organ because it contains 70% to 80% of the body’s immune cells. The community of microorganisms living in the gut, which experts often refer to as the “gut microbiome,” plays a very important role in this largest immune system in the body. Because when the intestinal microflora is out of balance, the development of the immune system in children is also affected.

For caesarean sections, babies do not pass through the vagina, so they will not be exposed to the diverse microflora from the mother, which is the cause of the baby’s intestinal microflora at risk of being unbalanced. Harmful bacteria are present in abundance while beneficial bacteria are reduced. An imbalance in the intestinal microflora can slow down the immune system of babies born by caesarean section. If a baby born by vaginal delivery has a balanced intestinal microflora, in a C-section baby, the intestinal microflora immediately after birth is unbalanced, and it takes about 6 months, sometimes It may take longer than 9 months or even a year to re-establish the same balance as in normal babies. Therefore, strengthening the immune system for babies born by caesarean section at an early age is always an urgent priority for mothers whose children were born by this particular method.

How to help mothers strengthen the immune system for babies born by caesarean?

The best solution is still breast milk – the best source of nutrition for the health and development of young children, including those born naturally and by caesarean section. Breast milk contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the development of the baby such as protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals. In addition, breast milk also contains Synbiotic nutrients – a combination of Probiotic bacteria and Prebiotic fiber. If Probiotics are beneficial bacteria for your baby’s gut health and immune system, then Prebiotics are considered an excellent food source for these beneficial bacteria to continue to exist and thrive creating a healthy microbiome. healthy gut and immune system. That is the “cooperative” effect of both probiotic and prebiotic components in the Synbiotic nutrient system.

Synbiotic supplementation – clinically proven (according to BMC Microbiology) and proven benefits for babies born by caesarean section, including:

• Helps stabilize, prevent and overcome diseases of the digestive system such as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating…

• Reduce intestinal infections and increase nutrient absorption.

• 53% reduction in the risk of all skin diseases and 73% reduction in allergy-related diseases such as atopic dermatitis, eczema,…

International scientists have conducted clinical research and concluded that C-section babies with an imbalance of intestinal microflora, when supplemented with Synbiotic nutrients, will also support the recovery of beneficial bacteria and keep pace with babies born normally after only 3 days, thereby helping to strengthen the immune system in babies born by caesarean section.

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Relieve the worries of cesarean mothers

If in the event of force majeure cannot welcome the baby born by natural methods, do not worry too much! Because if the baby is supplemented with necessary nutrients, especially Synbiotic from an early age, it will help the baby have a healthy intestinal microflora, a well-developed immune system, and the baby can completely develop as healthy as his peers. age. That is also the reason why experts recommend that mothers should breastfeed as soon as possible and last for at least 6 months.

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Currently, there are many nutritional products with a variety of designs and prices being widely sold, which can be supplemented in many stages of child development. However, along with that, there are also many poor quality products. Before choosing to buy, mothers should pay attention to find out products from reputable companies, with clinically proven scientific formulas and reliable origins such as New Zealand, Europe…. are also being cared for and trusted by many mothers for their young children.

To learn more about Synbiotic nutrients, as well as answer questions about nutritional products containing Synbiotics for your child, you can visit here.

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