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3 super sensitive areas of men when “making love”, a light touch also makes him “explode”

Some studies suggest that a man’s G-spot has only one point. But in fact, men’s sensitive points are also distributed throughout the body, as long as she knows how to stimulate it, it will flare up violently and make him ecstatic, both of you will have an unforgettable night. So where are the “super sensitive” areas of men?

1. Neck, nape and ears

3 super sensitive areas of men when

Neck, nape and ears are one of the sensitive areas of a man, helping him to achieve orgasm. Illustration

Like womenEar is one of the sensitive points of men, helping men reach orgasm. She can gently kiss his earlobe with her mouth from behind, or nibble on his earlobe, sure the fire of desire in him will burn right away. In addition to caressing gestures, don’t forget the sweet whispers or breath in his ear, they have no small destructive power.

Neck and nape too, wet kisses from the neck, nape to chin and ears are like a kind invitation. When using this technique, no matter how tired he is, it is difficult for him to get out of your hand.

2. Lower abdomen and chest

Do not think that men do not like to kiss on the chest, this is also the sensitive point of men and the most suitable for foreplay. Gentle caresses with hands, with hot lips from the lower abdomen to the chest will make him ecstatic.

3 super sensitive areas of men when

If you kiss on the chest, especially the nipple, he will fall in love. Illustration

3. Inner thighs and back

The inner thighs with thin skin are super sensitive places for men. Even when he’s fully clothed, her gentle caress from the elbows up to the inner thighs is enough to make his lust rise quickly.

In addition, after “making love”, she should massage gently and slowly along the spine for him. These simple massage movements will make his nerves relax and he will fall in love with you more.

Men also have many “weak spots”, don’t they? Let’s transform into a charming girl to stimulate him and make the “love” between the two of you more passionate.

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