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4 subjects note not to drink alcoholic beverages

Specialized page Eat This, Not That! quoted experts advising people who are experiencing the following problems should not drink alcohol because of the potential for harm to their condition: health their.

1/ People with diabetes: Dr. Leann Poston of Invigor Medical Clinic (USA) mentioned above Eat This, Not That! that alcohol can significantly lower blood sugar, especially if drinking on an empty stomach leads to Hypoglycemia serious. This can lead to the risk of a diabetic coma, an acute, life-threatening complication.

People who are taking pain relievers: If you are taking any sedatives or pain relievers, consuming alcohol is risky. According to Dr. Poston, tranquilizers and analgesic contain substances that slow down brain activity and alcohol does the same. Drinking both at the same time can affect your nerves.

3/ People who are taking drugs to treat alcohol addiction: For people who are taking Disulfiram, a medicine to treat chronic alcoholism, there can be serious side effects if combined with alcohol. If you drink alcohol while taking this medicine you may experience a cluster of headaches, nausea, weakness, changes in your breathing and heart rate.

4/ People with asthma: According to Dr Chris Airey, Medical Director at Optimale Health Center (UK), asthmatics can have adverse reactions because of sensitivity to the sulfite acid found in alcohol. If you have asthma, a glass of wine or two can make you more likely to have an asthma attack.

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