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9 reasons why your shoes look cheap

Shoes are not only an accessory for walking, but they also cherish the feet, contributing to a set of clothes if combined correctly. That’s why there are a lot of clothes that are so simple as to be ordinary, but thanks to a pair of shoes, they become luxurious; and there are also overall “falling” dressing phases that also stem from choosing the wrong type of footwear or wearing less elegant looking shoes. And these are the 9 reasons why your own shoes become “cheap”, which greatly affects both the outfit or the daily style of the “sorry owner”.

Shoes / sandals with too many details

Anything too much is not good, a pair of shoes with all kinds of stones or glitter can look really attractive, but when walking on the feet, it looks cumbersome. Besides, this style of shoe is quite picky, you have to wear a gorgeous dress like a princess to the party to be suitable, but for everyday casual, it is best to choose a simple style of shoes/sandals with 1 color tone. .

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High heel

A pair of padded shoes is really a lifesaver for girls of modest height, but it is not that the higher the shoe, the more beautiful and the more hacky it is, it is important that you find a design that is both suitable and comfortable for the pair. foot. It is best to choose a classic high heel to be both elegant and make your legs look longer.

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Colorful shoes

A pair of colorful shoes that look childish and make you look less luxurious, if you like to stand out, choose shoes with about 2 to 3 colors. The important thing when shopping for shoes is choosing a pair that you can coordinate with a variety of outfits.

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Shoes with too many metal details

Lace ups with studs and spikes can look really great, but with shoes on the contrary, attaching too many metal details makes the shoes look “cheap”. Of course a pair of boots can be decorated with a few studs, but don’t choose shoes with too many studs. For women over 30, a simple pair of smooth leather boots will be the most stable choice.

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Shiny leather shoes

Although shiny leather shoes look great, they often stain or peel off after a period of use. Velvet shoes will make the outfit look more luxurious. If you still want to wear shiny leather shoes, choose neutral colors like beige, black or white.

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Leopard print shoes/sandals

Leopard print shoes can be really tempting to buy, but you should pay attention to the texture. If you like animal prints, try to find shoes with unusual patterns like the one below right.

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Uncomfortable shoes

Uncomfortable footwear often affects your back and leg health as well as your gait. Even if you have found the shoes of your dreams, don’t buy them if they are too tight and you feel pain while walking. Unsteady gait will be difficult to see no matter how expensive your shoes are. In addition, any change in your gait can cause the soles to wear out faster and affect your health.

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Leather shoes

Currently, leatherette material is being widely applied because of its variety of colors and low cost. However, if you buy imitation leather boots, you should buy a low-neck type, do not buy a thigh-high neck because it is not beautiful and less luxurious.

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Old shoes

To always make a good impression, “take care” of your shoes, repair them if needed. Besides, you should also carry a few ways to clean shoes depending on different materials.

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