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Amber Heard worried about the future

Actress Amber Heard is worried about her financial situation after being fined $ 10.35 million by the court for losing her lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

On June 8, a source close to the actress told ET: “Amber is not in good shape and is worried about finances. She is definitely planning to appeal the court’s decision. Heard feels very alone, having lost a lot of friends.”

Amber Heard cried while recounting her abuse during a trial in May. Photo: Reuters

Amber Heard cried while recounting her abuse during a trial in May. Photo: Reuters

The source also said that Heard wants to stay out of the public eye for a while, focus on raising children. The actress hopes to rebuild her film career after the noise is over. Heard’s projects were hit hard by the lawsuit. The actor’s side is estimated to lose the opportunity to earn $ 45-50 million because the studios turned their backs. Before that, more than three million people signed a petition to remove Heard’s role in the blockbuster Aquaman 2released in 2023.

After listening decision In court on June 1, Amber Heard said the verdict “retards the notion that violence against women should be taken seriously” and will appeal. She had to pay a fine of $10.35 million for defamation-related charges. The actress did not mention her current financial situation or the possibility of paying a fine. Heard also received two million dollars in compensation from Depp, because of a point the actor’s attorney raised in articles in the newspaper. Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp is very happy after being ruled in a more favorable position by the court. He returned to England and threw a party to celebrate with his friends. The actor also regularly performs at guitarist Jeff Beck’s music shows. Depp wrote on his personal page on June 1: “The jury has given me my life back. I am really grateful.”

The lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp originated from Amber Heard’s article on Washington Post in 2018, two years after they divorced. In it, Heard called to oppose sexual violence, seeing himself as a victim of domestic violence. Although she did not directly mention Depp’s name, the actor was hated by Hollywood boycott, take many projects. He sued his ex-wife for $50 million for defamation. Heard countersued, seeking compensation of $ 100 million for the same crime.

Amber Heard's shocking testimonies

Amber Heard’s shocking testimony in court. Video: CBS

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