Black garlic is likened to a ‘panacea’ to treat diseases, but few people know its side effects

Black garlic has been proven to have great health benefits. According to research by scientists around the world, black garlic has no harm if used properly. But not knowing how to use it can cause some unwanted side effects

Black garlic (Black garlic)

Black garlic is a type of white garlic that is usually carefully selected and then undergoes a fermentation process of about 45 days, under strict control of temperature and humidity.

Black garlic has a black color, sweet taste, does not have a pungent smell like regular garlic and has many times better effects than regular garlic. Because after the fermentation process, garlic will produce many beneficial active ingredients health that white garlic usually does not have such as flavonoids, thiosulfites, polyphenols, carboline.

Most importantly, the S-Allyl cysteine ​​compound present in black garlic helps to prevent oxidation and strengthen the immune system for our health. According to studies on biological effects, black garlic has the ability to prevent cancer from forming, slow down the growth and reduce the size of existing tumors.

In addition, the compound S-Allyl cysteine ​​in black garlic has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood, preventing the chance of plaque formation in the arteries, regulating blood pressure, protecting the heart, and enhancing immunity and health. resistance to the body, support the digestive system ….

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The effect of black garlic

Black garlic is a precious medicine that is widely used. Eating black garlic daily has the following effects:

Black garlic has the effect of restoring muscle damage for exercise, improving digestive function, helping the body fight fatigue, laxatives, laxatives, promoting sleep, improving the function of prostate and other organs. other functions in the body.

Black garlic helps to scavenge free radicals very strongly, now more than 80 different diseases have been known to have causes related to free radicals. It can be said that black garlic is a very good medicine for disease prevention.

Black garlic has antioxidant effects, protects liver cells, so it is used in cases of hepatitis, cirrhosis, daily exposure to toxic substances, exposure to radiation.

Black garlic has the effect of enhancing immunity, so it is used for people with weakened immunity due to chemical or irradiation, people who have been ill for a long time and their health is depleted. In particular, in the case of a patient with the flu, black garlic helps the patient recover quickly and become healthy again.

Black garlic has the effect of inhibiting some cancer cell lines such as breast cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer.

In addition, black garlic is also proven to lower blood cholesterol, reduce blood fat, increase HDL-Cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, so it is very good for the cardiovascular system, especially those at high risk such as: fat people, blood fat.

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Side effects of black garlic

Causes heat in the body, constipation

For people with internal heat, health problems related to the stomach and duodenum, they should limit the use of black garlic. People recovering from illness eating a lot of black garlic can cause body heat and discomfort. The dose used in these cases should only be about 10 grams per day, using a lot can lead to constipation.

Digestive disorders

If you eat too much black garlic during the day, they will negatively affect your digestive system and stomach. Some cases cause digestive upset, showing signs like bloating, upset stomach, heartburn, or diarrhea.

Allergic reaction

Black garlic, like other foods, can cause allergies for some subjects. Black garlic has a high content of Allicin, if not fully metabolized, it can cause skin allergies. Not everyone is suitable to use black garlic, especially those with a history of allergies must try and pay attention.


This is the most serious side effect of black garlic if used incorrectly. Poisoned people will have unpleasant symptoms in the stomach before being poisoned. Cases of poisoning from eating black garlic are very rare. But you should also pay attention if you use black garlic and experience this symptom.

Affects the use of drugs being used

Black garlic may decrease the effectiveness of certain medications in some cases. Using black garlic is not good for people who are taking anticoagulants, or people who are being treated for HIV/AIDS. Therefore, when you are using medicine, you need to consult your doctor before using black garlic.

People who should not eat garlic

People with eye disease

According to medicine, eating a lot of garlic for a long time is a cause of eye damage. Therefore, people with eye disease, poor mood, anemia, vision loss, tinnitus, dizziness, memory loss… should not eat too much garlic.

Patients with hepatitis

Some components of garlic, when entering the stomach and intestines, cause strong irritation, which can inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, affecting the digestion of food, making patients with liver disease easily nauseous.

In addition, the volatile components of garlic reduce hemoglobin which can lead to anemia, which is not beneficial for the treatment of liver disease.

Diarrhea patient

Because when you have diarrhea, bacteria enter the intestinal tract. Therefore, you should not eat raw garlic because it is easy to damage the intestinal lining, congestion, the digestive process and the resolution of blockages, the more abdominal pain and bowel movements you will have.

People with kidney disease

Eating pungent foods such as garlic, hot peppers, for people with serious illnesses or people who are taking medication, there is a possibility of very obvious side effects, which can not only make the old disease recur, but also make the old disease worse. If the drug is taken orally, it loses its effectiveness, or the drug produces a continuous reaction, affecting the body’s health.

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Note when eating black garlic

Black garlic has a sweet, fragrant, delicious taste, not as pungent as white garlic, very easy to eat. Therefore, it is easy to make users feel like and using too much leads to unwanted side effects. You should note some of the correct doses of black garlic as follows:

The average person uses no more than 20g of black garlic / 1 day (equivalent to 3 black garlic bulbs). The average person can eat black garlic at any time, but it is best to eat it 30 minutes before a meal.

Children under 6 years old use no more than 10g / day, eating a lot may be constipated.

When using black garlic soaked wine, do not use more than 30ml per day, it will lead to excess substances because the body cannot absorb all.

Pregnant women should consult their doctor before using black garlic.

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