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CAPACITY is the only CAPITAL, if you like it, you can do it, if you don’t like it, you can quit!

Not long ago, a blogger reported that the annual salary after tax of a level 18 employee at Huawei is in the range of 600,000 to 1,000,000 yuan (about 2 billion to 3.4 billion dong).

At Huawei, by rank, with this salary, the rate of not having to work overtime is non-existent.

But this “senior” is an exception, at 8 am to the company, 6 am to leave work, every day there is always enough time to take his children to school.

If you are free, you can read a book, if not during office hours, work phone will not bother you.

In order for this employee to “show up”, the head of the department also had to personally invite.

A lot of his colleagues talked about him being arrogant, but this employee still did what he did, not afraid of people talking.

Turns out, every time the department has a problem, if other experts still can’t solve the problem in two days, he only needs half an hour to solve it, can come up with a solution to completely solve it within one day. .

He said that he is not afraid of being fired from his job at all, because almost every day a headhunting company comes to him.

He continues to work at Huawei simply because the company is close to the girls’ school, moreover, the salary at Huawei is also high.

The story of this “senior” made me realize 5 hidden rules at work.

5 underground rules in the workplace that people who are easy to be promoted never reveal: REALITY is the only capital, you can do it if you like it, you can quit if you don't like it!  - Photo 1.

No merit, no matter how hard it is, it’s not worth it

Not long ago, when I was talking to a friend who worked as a human resources officer in a large factory, I asked her: “What aspect of an employee do you value most?”

She replied, “We don’t appreciate people who only work hard, such people can only be soldiers, not generals.”

Beside us, there are probably many people who leave early in the morning, come back late at night, even there are days when they are so busy that they can’t have time to eat.

But this world will not pay you 1 hour less because you sleep more than 1 hour.

It will only reward those who create a lot of practical value.

In 2006, Google established a branch in China.

After a while, they found that the productivity of 3 or 4 engineers in Beijing could not equal the output of 1 engineer at headquarters.

But the engineers in Beijing are not idle, everyone works very hard.

Later, it was discovered that the Beijing engineering team lacked work experience and did not grasp the key points of the job.

Therefore, diligence is just a stepping stone, what is more important is knowing how to use your energy in the right place, at the right time.

What you need to improve is the value you create, not just plugging in hard work, plugging in overtime.

Because in this society, without merit, without creating achievements, your efforts are worthless.

A good company, can be relied on, but absolutely must not depend on

An MC once said quite naked words like this:

“Let a dog be on the Central Television station every day, it will immediately become a famous dog, but it should be known that, without the stage of the Central Television station, it may not be long before , it will return as a domestic dog.”

Therefore, the confidence and competence that you possess when leaving a certain company, is your true bravery.

When he was an employee at New Oriental, Li ShangLong’s salary (a best-selling author in China) for an hour was 140 yuan (481,000 VND).

His colleague said, our center is famous, there is no shortage of classes to teach, no matter what you teach, no matter how you teach, the salary will not decrease, just do it, don’t work too hard.

But Li ShangLong did not have such a peaceful mind, every time before going to class to give a lecture, he would review the syllabus, edit the mic, correct mistakes, and at the same time try to improve his skills. after each course.

3 years later, Li Shanglong’s adaptability and teaching skills have taken a qualitative leap. After leaving New Oriental, he was still able to be independent.

And the other colleague, after working for 2 years, was forced to leave the education industry.

Those who are really strong and sane, they know how to take the foundation to the next level, but can also forget the foundation and focus on improving their abilities.

They understand that only when they have the confidence to leave at any moment can they become invincible in the workplace.

Strength is the only capital if you want to do it, do it, if you don’t like it, then quit

In the United States there is a famous story “one stroke of ten thousand dollars”.

One day, Ford’s engine failed and all the engineers could do nothing until they invited Charles Proteus Steinmetz arrives.

Steinmetz Take chalk, circle a position on the motor and write: “The inductance coil here needs to be wound 16 more turns.”

Everyone followed suit, and to everyone’s surprise, the problem was immediately resolved and production resumed.

When the manager cheerfully asked how much the repair would cost, Steinmentz asked for $10,000.

You know, at the time, top Ford engineers were paid $5 a month.

Seeing his manager’s confused expression, Steinmentz wrote down an invoice: “Plan a line, $1; know where to draw that line, $9,999.”

After that, Ford not only agreed to pay the fee, but also hired Steinmentz for a ridiculously high salary.

There is a saying that: “A man’s wages are proportional to his irreplaceability”.

Your qualifications are your foundation.

When your strength is not enough for you to do as you please, you have to “relax”, accumulate and improve yourself.

Really talented people have “long stick thinking”

You’ve probably heard of the wooden barrel principle: how much water a wooden barrel can hold depends on the shortest wooden stick.

But in today’s era of detailed division of work, it is extremely difficult to find someone who is comprehensive in all aspects.

However, if you own a wooden stick long enough, have you ever thought about tilting the barrel?

This is the “new crate principle”.

Shen Congwen, (one of the greatest writers of modern China, comparable to Lu Xun) only finished elementary school, but because of his profound literary achievements, he was invited to become a professor at the university. Beijing university.

The German scientist Otto Wallach, who was unsuccessful in the literary field and had no gift for painting, ended up focusing on chemistry, which he excelled at and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

In many cases, instead of trying to make up for your shortcomings, it’s better to focus on making the most of your strengths.

There are no fools in the world, only geniuses who have not yet found their advantage.

5 underground rules in the workplace that people who are easy to be promoted never reveal: REALITY is the only capital, you can do it if you like it, you can quit if you don't like it!  - Photo 2.


Smart people, making money is not too hard

I have always believed in the saying: “You will never make money beyond your means.”

A man’s wealth often matches his perception and ability.

There is a classic story like this:

Along a certain path there were two gardens. The garden on the left is overgrown with weeds, while the garden on the right is lush.

The state of the two gardeners in the garden is also very different. The gardener on the left is sweating from exhaustion, the gardener on the right lies leisurely under the tree, humming a song.

Why is there such a big difference?

It turns out that the gardener on the right didn’t stop weeding at first, but later he discovered that no matter how hard he worked, the weeds would still grow.

So he came up with a way, he went to the market to find some flowers and plants that grow faster than weeds.

These plants when growing will quickly take up space, not letting weeds grow.

The world is complex enough that only masters have the ability to clear the fog and simplify the complexity.

As your awareness grows higher and the world you see is wider, the wealth you own will increase.

Someone said:

“Your remuneration is not proportional to your labor, but to your irreplaceability.”

In any era, in any company, building your capacity to be irreplaceable will always be your best trump card.

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