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Children take the 10th grade exam in Da Nang, parents worry about ‘loss of food and sleep’

On the morning of June 10, the candidates in Da Nang entered the public 10th grade entrance exam for the school year 2022-2023, with the subject of Literature, the time to do the test is 120 minutes.

As noted, at test sites in Da Nang, from 6 a.m., parents brought their children to the test site. On the way to the test site by their parents, many children sat in the back of their motorbikes to review their lessons.

Parents shared that in the past few days, worrying about their children before an important exam, they could not sleep.

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Candidates in Da Nang entered the first exam of the 10th grade entrance exam
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From early in the morning, parents took their children to the test site
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Many students take advantage of the opportunity to review the lesson when they are brought to the test score by their relatives

With his wife taking his daughter to the exam site of Phan Chau Trinh High School, Mr. Huynh Dung (who lives in Hai Chau district) said: “This time my daughter registered to study Phan Chau Trinh, the competition rate here is very high. In the past few days, I have always encouraged and reassured my children before doing the test. This morning, my wife and I got up very early to cook breakfast and prepare everything for our children to be the best,” Dung shared.

In the same mood, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet shared: “Before taking the exam, I saw that my child seemed worried, I encouraged him to stay calm. This morning, I got up at 2 a.m. to prepare drinking water, check pens and exam cards for my children to make sure there were no mistakes. I hope you and the candidates stay calm to complete the exam well and get high scores.”

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Mr. Dung and his wife took their daughter to the exam site at Phan Chau Trinh High School
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Parents’ hugs encourage children to calm down and do well on homework
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Many parents worriedly stood outside the school gate waiting for their children
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This morning, the students took the Literature exam, the time to do the test was 120 minutes; In the afternoon, there is a foreign language exam, the time to do the test is 90 minutes. On June 11, candidates took the math test, the time to do the test was 120 minutes

Entrance exam for 10th grade high school in the school year 2022-2023 took place in two days 10 and 11/6 with 14,977 candidates registered for the exam (of which 185 candidates were eligible and were directly recruited), held at 32 examination boards with 630 examination rooms.

The total enrollment target for class 10 of public high schools in the 2022-2023 school year in Da Nang is 11,044 students, distributed among 21 high schools.

This year, the number of candidates registering for the 10th grade exam in Da Nang has increased by 1,720 compared to last year. The Da Nang Department of Education and Training has asked the Department of Health and the City Public Security to support medical staff and police at the test sites.

The Department mobilized nearly 2,500 officials and teachers to join the examination committee’s committees/teams; in which, the examination staff is 1,448 people who are mobilized from units under the department, middle and high schools. At each test site, in addition to disinfecting bottles and masks, there are also 2 backup exam rooms. Candidates infected with Covid-19 will be arranged to take the exam in these two rooms and strictly comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

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Entrance exam for 10th grade Literature in Da Nang in 2022Nearly 15,000 students in Da Nang have just completed the Literature exam for the 10th grade. Here are the 10th grade Literature exam questions in Da Nang in 2022.
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