Chinese electric car company will supply batteries for Tesla

BYD, the world’s largest maker of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, will supply LFP batteries to Tesla in the near future.

Follow Reuters, BYD vice president Lian Yubo said that Tesla will soon become one of the Chinese company’s customers with the Blade LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery that BYD is developing, which claims to be safer than the design. traditional batteries. Details of the battery supply between BYD and Tesla are yet to be disclosed.

Battery Blade by BYD.  Photo: InsideEVs

Battery Blade by BYD. Image: InsideEVs

Currently Tesla is using LFP batteries from CATL, the battery giant from China. This number of batteries is used on vehicles manufactured at the American automaker’s super factory in Shanghai.

LFP is a type of lithium battery that is known to be a cheaper alternative to NCA (nickel-cobalt aluminum) lithium batteries, which are widely used in the west. Tesla uses NCA batteries from suppliers Panasonic and LG Energy Solutions.

Basically, comparing between LFP and NMC/NCA, LFP is safe, has long service life and better resistance to high temperature, while NMC/NCA has high energy density, lighter, efficient charging better, resistant to low temperature. In the world, LFP is often used on buses that do not require high speed.

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