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Common mistakes when using beauty products

Use makeup remover wipes every day

Using paper towels to remove makeup is actually not enough to clean the face. Not stopping there, paper towels are often made from rough materials, which are easy to irritate, dry and stretch the skin. You should only use this makeup remover tissue when there is no water or other makeup remover available.

Use serum only for skin care

Common mistakes when using beauty products - Photo 1.

Serums should be applied before moisturizer. For maximum effectiveness, you should use serums at night, especially serums containing retinol. This will help the skin to fully absorb the necessary nutrients. In addition, applying a mask also helps the serum to be more effective. In the summer, products containing retinol can only be used with sunscreen because they can make the skin too sensitive to the sun, causing sunburn.

Use a dry sponge to apply foundation

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Most foundation sponges need to be moistened before use. This is because when the sponges dry, they will “eat” most of the foundation product on your skin instead of back into your skin. Furthermore, dry sponge can cause uneven foundation.

Only use cleanser to remove makeup

Facial cleanser will work better, so you use it in the morning and at night. In this way, you can remove sebum, dead cells and dirt and sweat that stick on the skin at night.

Use the mask overnight or just remove it after it dries

Common mistakes when using beauty products - Photo 3.

Each mask comes with its own instructions for use. According to the manufacturers, you should not leave the mask on your face overnight because this can lead to many serious skin problems. The face should also be removed before it dries because otherwise, it can draw moisture from your skin causing it to become drier.

Apply alcohol-based lotion on your face

Each type of skin cream has different effects, depending on the composition and function of the product. However, if you use alcohol-based lotions regularly, your skin will start to produce more sebum in response to harsh chemicals. With these creams, you should not apply the entire face but should only apply to specific areas.

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