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Corruption, giants “surpass” the cash management process?

Bypassing the cash management process of the banking industry?

Continuing the question-and-answer session in the banking and credit sector on the morning of June 9 at the National Assembly, delegate Pham Van Hoa (Dong Thap delegation) said that the current regulations on the use of cash by state agencies already exist, but regulations and controls on the use of cash by individuals are not.

Mr. Hoa gave an example of the consequences of this policy as investigations related to violations of Viet A Company, the police came to work and collected 10 billion dong in cash in the lockers of embezzlers and corruptors. . Where is so much cash?

Collect 10 billion

Delegate Pham Van Hoa, Dong Thap delegation at the National Assembly (National Assembly photo).

“Modern people also use cash a lot, as long as the land seller needs cash, they can pay immediately. So, is there a problem with cash management?”, delegate Hoa questioned.

Regarding this issue, Governor Nguyen Thi Hong explained: “For the use of cash and expenditures of the State budget, the amount of VND 20 million must be transferred, not paid in cash”.

As for personal issues as mentioned by the delegate, Governor Nguyen Thi Hong said: “For other transactions, the State Bank is studying, for this issue in the process of developing new regulations will seek broad opinions. assessment, impact assessment, payment regulations for cash”.

At the questioning session, delegate Pham Van Hoa continued to ask questions related to the gold market, SJC’s monopoly on price manipulation and the solution to add another brand to be competitive and stabilize the gold price.

Mr. Hoa said, SJC Gold has signs of monopoly. Decree 24/2012/ND-CP issued by the Government 10 years ago, at that time world gold was only 1,600 ounces, now it is 1,800 USD/ounce; At that time, the domestic gold price was only 35 to 36 million VND/tael, but now it has increased to 70 million VND/tael. Is Decree 24 inadequate? why not fix?

Mr. Hoa said that voters are very interested in the price of gold because it will affect inflation and the risk of the Vietnamese dong depreciating. In addition, should SJC monopolize the current gold price? Mr. Hoa suggested that there should be another unit offering gold similar to SJC to compete in the market.

According to Governor Nguyen Thi Hong, stipulated in Decree 24/2012/ND-CP of the Government, the State Bank is a gold monopoly, “we only hire SJC to produce”, the Governor said.

Ms. Hong affirmed that, in the coming time, when reviewing Decree 24/2012/ND-CP, the State Bank will listen to the opinions of delegates to see if there is a choice to have one SJC brand or to have many brands produce together. gold like SJC.

“We will certainly consult the delegates to amend Decree 24/2012/ND-CP”, the Governor of the State Bank assured.

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