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Data in Vietnam is also “a diamond in the rough”

According to Toan, the total data storage capacity (Data) of enterprises in Vietnam has doubled by 2021, but it is still a diamond in the rough and it is necessary for businesses to provide technical solutions to help businesses. use that data warehouse more effectively.

Mr. Phi Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Informatics Association (HCA), also said that businesses already have a data warehouse but have just started exploiting it, so the efficiency is not high. Only a few businesses, due to the mandatory nature of operations, have handled this data warehouse better, for example, e-commerce platforms, Da Lat Dairy Joint Stock Company…

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Organizing Committee information about Vietnam Data Summit Forum 2022

Also according to Mr. Phi Anh Tuan, in the trend of developing smart cities, digital government, digital businesses, digital citizens, digital society; To develop well an organization or a business, in addition to capital and human resources, Data is considered an indispensable resource. “We have mentioned many phrases of digital transformation, but the story of making Data is not really standardized and systematic. When business owners do not understand about doing Data, the problem of digital transformation is not clear” – Mr. Tuan informed believe.

According to him, the forum “VietnamData Summit 2022” will be held for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City on June 24 to connect DataAnalyst, Data Scientist; Conveying the right information about data storage, collection and analysis helps to add value, build a data culture in the digital age, and support effective digital transformation in business organizations.

The forum will revolve around data topics with the following contents: the role of data on the digital transformation journey; development trend of Data in the world – an important way to turn Data into value for businesses; Data for small & medium enterprises; building a data processing team for enterprises; Case studies from businesses successfully exploiting Data and how to build a data processing culture of the business.

In particular, at the forum, Data Room activities will take place. Here, data analysis experts from consulting companies on Data, digital transformation solutions will directly support and provide free answers for businesses.

The program is expected to attract 400 attendees in the fields of: state agencies, information technology, finance and banking, healthcare, real estate, education, retail chains… and experts. reputation at home and abroad in the field of Data/Digital Transformation.

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