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Director of Hanoi CDC Truong Quang Viet was arrested

HanoiMr. Truong Quang Viet, Director of the Center for Disease Control – CDC Hanoi, was detained in an emergency on charges of misconduct related to the Viet A case, on June 10.

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Mr. Viet is being investigated by the Hanoi Police Investigation Agency for related crimes Violation of bidding regulations causes serious consequences.

At the beginning of February, Mr. Viet, 49 years old, was appointed Director of Hanoi CDC after nearly 2 years as Deputy Director in charge.

Mr. Viet heads the Hanoi CDC in the context of complicated Covid-19 developments, his predecessor is Mr Nguyen Nhat Cam arrested in the scandal related to “inflating the price” of testing equipment, then received a 10-year prison sentence.

Director of Hanoi CDC Truong Quang Viet.  Photo: Hanoi People's Committee

Director of Hanoi CDC Truong Quang Viet. Image: Hanoi People’s Committee

Authorities allege that, in 2020, those assigned to bid for the procurement of Covid-19 test kits have “connected and colluded” with employees of Viet A Company to borrow goods and use them first. formalize the following bidding documents.

This is considered to help Viet A be the only unit to bid and win the bid. Viet A then deducted % of the value of the goods to thank.

The investigation agency determined that the Hanoi CDC had included the product’s technical features in the bidding documents to ensure that only Viet A won the bid. This behavior caused damage to the State budget more than 9 billion dong.

On June 10, Hanoi police also prosecuted the case to investigate violations at Ha Dong General Hospital and Ba Vi General Hospital.

In the past 6 months, since the Viet A case was discovered, C03 and local police have prosecuted more than 60 people. Including former Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long, former Hanoi President Chu Ngoc Anh and a series of CDC directors, officials of provincial Health Departments. The Ministry of Defense’s investigative agency also prosecuted another case, arresting two officers.

The initial investigation results determined that, in order to gain illicit profits and spend money outside the contract, Viet A had inflated the price of equipment, the cost of input materials, and determined the selling price to be 470,000 VND/kit.

In the revenue of about 4,000 billion dong, Viet A spends “commission” for units and individuals nearly 800 billion dong.

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