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“Don’t make a bad face” from the husband makes his wife dizzy


In Ngan’s eyes, Thang is a perfect husband. In her opinion, a woman who gets a good husband will always be happy in the second half of her life.

Ngan and Thang dated for 2 years before getting married. At that time, Thang had the will and determination to build a career, but he definitely did not want to work as a hired worker.

Ngan poured all his capital to give it all to him to start a business. In those years, they were very poor, the couple huddled in a small motel room. Thang hugged Ngan, feeling overwhelmed with happiness.

Ngan has just gone to work to earn a living, taking care of the house with one hand. In his free time, Thang also helps his wife in the kitchen or cleans the house. Their little home is always filled with laughter. In Ngan’s eyes, Thang is perfect.

More than a year after getting married, Ngan became pregnant, gave birth and then took maternity leave at home.

That was also the time when Thang’s career went up. He told Ngan to stay at home and take care of the children, so he didn’t need to go to work anymore because he was already able to support his wife and children.

Ngan doesn’t want to, she asked Husband’s parent help take care of the baby. However, grandparents are far away, the concept of raising grandchildren is different, so Ngan is not assured. She agreed to become a full-time housewife after 2 days of thinking.

However, Ngan did not expect that this was a turning point that changed her whole life.

Painful words:


At home, wholeheartedly taking care of her family, Ngan wholeheartedly takes care of her children and parents-in-law. Thang is more and more absent from home, leaving early and coming home late, most of the time Ngan does everything by himself.

When the child reached school age, Ngan thought about finding a job. But sad to find out after a few years, she doesn’t know where to start. Ngan knows that she has changed, she is busier, her hair is messy, she doesn’t update new information, and she has to ask for money if she wants to do anything.

Now, revolving around Ngan is the housework, the children, the care of the parents-in-law, the death anniversary. It’s been a long time that Thang did not help his wife with any work. He goes home early and returns late and often kicks a basket when he comes home to find that the house is not tidy, the delicious rice and sweet soup has not been served.

Once when he got home, Thang talked on the phone with his partner about the opening of the branch office. Later, Ngan happily entered and asked her husband to let her go to the opening ceremony. Ngan has not been to a social party for a long time. She wanted to start over on her own with work, to go out.

Immediately, her husband stared blankly at his wife and said maliciously: “Look at yourself now. What are you wearing, your hair is messy, the house is not clean. You should still stay at home and don’t go out and embarrass me. Now the youth are so good, I can’t keep up. where”.

Those words pierced Ngan’s heart like a needle, making her unable to hold back her tears. At this time, Ngan was shocked to realize how wrong the decision to stay at home, making herself an inflexible, backward, clumsy woman was.

Painful words:


In married life, one of the biggest mistakes of many wives is to give up work, become a housewife completely, unable to earn money.

Once they give up their jobs, only knowing how to live in the house with food and children, they also gradually lose themselves and lose their inherent understanding and dynamism.

Therefore, the most important thing in marriage is to never turn yourself into a passive and economically dependent person. When their autonomy is gone, their voice and values ​​will also be reduced. The respect from her husband also gradually eroded.

Many wives are determined to make sacrifices and receive humiliation. Before a husband reacts, they can recognize the negatives themselves.

Swirling with the house and boring jobs, sometimes they will become old, outdated, more sloppy. The decline in knowledge also makes women lose a lot of attractiveness. True, sometimes we have to choose to sacrifice our careers, but there are countless ways to deal with problems, why women choose dead ends. Women should also know how to live for themselves, have their own dreams, not just two words of sacrifice.

Men and women are equal in marriage. Everyone should strive for the economy, for their children, for life, and be responsible. Wives should be alert to every turning point in life. Don’t forget that everyone has only one life to live. Don’t make blind sacrifices, don’t lose your self-control to receive unworthy resentments. Phu-nu-dung-bao-gio-quen-20220609195916537.chn

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