Enough to make Korea “beat my heart and legs”, U23 Vietnam will have a double for life?

The journey over the past 4 and a half years under the Korean coaches of Vietnamese football has been a journey full of success, but no less strange. From the “rubble” under Huu Thang, Coach Park Hang-seo and the same generation of players who are considered the “golden generation” opened a chapter full of miracles, starting from the 2018 AFC U23 Championship, but in At the U23 level, Vietnamese football has never been without doubt.

Two years after the brilliant feat in the Asian arena, U23 Vietnam Having a disappointing Asian final was also in the hands of Mr. Park, and more than two years later entering this tournament with many question marks despite successfully defending the SEA Games gold medal. It is not surprising that the influence of over-aged “reinforcements” such as Hung Dung, Hoang Duc and Tien Linh is too great, while the young players have not shown much.

But the same age group of players is considered to be just a “shadow” that pales in comparison to the miracle of Changzhou, but coach Gong Oh-kyun even did better than what Mr. Park and Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, and Van Hau did. .. did more than 4 years ago before going undefeated in the qualifying round, despite having to be in the same group as the defending champion Korea.

Enough to make Korea's heart beat and legs tremble, U23 Vietnam will have a double for life?  - Photo 1.

In the 2018 AFC U23 Championship, Vietnam U23 once lost to South Korea U23 on the opening day, but this time, “Teacher Gong” had to copy his mouth: “I don’t want to draw Korea U23. I made it clear to the players that this game must be won. U23 Vietnam does not need to draw Korea. I remind the students to challenge themselves, fight hard to win all 3 points. Vietnam didn’t win, I’m sorry“.

The Korean U23 draw made the teacher and coach Gong Oh-kyun take the right to decide in the last match, and in the end easily beat Malaysia U23 to advance to the quarterfinals, leaving behind the pain of Coach Park Hang-seo more. 2 years ago in the U23 Asian finals arena.

Under the suffocating pressure of the defending Korean U23 champions, U23 Vietnam at times seemed to have failed, but played extremely resolutely and caused the opponent to finally make peace in the face of fierce resistance in the region. late game period. At that time, teachers and coaches Gong Oh-kyun with a new high pressing style were the ones looking for victory, while for the opponent, a draw was enough.

Enough to make Korea's heart beat and legs tremble, U23 Vietnam will have a double for life?  - Photo 2.

U23 Saudi Arabia is not “easy to play” when surpassing U23 Japan to take the first place in Group D. If South Korea U23 are the defending champions of this tournament, then Saudi Arabia is the defending runner-up. Winning 2/3 of the group stage matches, the scariest point of this team is that it has scored 7 goals, only inferior to the home team U23 Uzbekistan, but is the only team that has not conceded any goals in the tournament. tournament this year.

However, in the “life and death” match against U23 UAE yesterday, Saudi Arabia partly revealed its weakness when the opponent had quite a few dangerous opportunities to convert into goals, typically two The final phase hit the vertical post when the goalkeeper of U23 Saudi Arabia was helpless.

In the hands of “Teacher Gong”, U23 Vietnam has shown a play style that is extremely different from the familiarity that Asian teams – especially West Asia, have known. There is no longer an active defensive play, but instead an active stalking to be ready to overwhelm the opponent by playing at a high level. More reckless and “aggressive”, but U23 Vietnam is becoming more terrifying. After Korea, U23 Saudi Arbia will be the “double” that coach Gong Oh-kyun gives Vietnamese football in the debut tournament?

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