Filming in VTV’s ‘golden hour’ movie, MC Phan Anh caused controversy

After 10 years of absence from the small screen, MC Phan Anh received an important role in the TV series Small way to life just aired on VTV1 in the prime time frame – 9pm from Monday to Friday. The film exploits the issue of the “18-year-old crisis” from a modern perspective, very close and honest issues, especially bringing the story of age-defying friendship that was previously paid little attention.

In the film, Phan Anh plays Hoang, a man who is successful at work but has failed in his marriage. Sharing about his character, he said that this is an image of a father who is quite familiar with real life.

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Phan Anh returned to acting after 10 years.

However, when the show only aired for 2 episodes, Phan Anh became the focus of discussion. On the fan page of Small way to life, a series of netizens pulled in “throwing stones”, demanding a boycott of the film. They disagreed with the fact that Phan Anh still received the main role, even appearing in VTV’s “golden hour” movie despite being involved in charity scandals in the past.

In October 2016, Phan Anh called for a donation of 24 billion VND to support the people in the Central region suffering from storms and floods. After that, he received a storm of criticism for using charity money for the wrong purpose. The male MC is also suspected of being non-transparent and “stealing” donations. Before the attack of the online community, MC Phan Anh once held a press conference, set up a website to publicize charity activities. Even so, he still did not escape criticism from the audience.

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MC Phan Anh got into a lot of noise related to charity.

In September 2021, when the storm “suggested” charity activities in the artist world exploded, MC Phan Anh was also the name being called. He suddenly released the entire statement weighing 6.5 kg to prove his transparency 5 years ago. “Statement right at the time of account closing at 13:57 on November 1, 2016 in accordance with the call on October 16, 2016. With this mark, some of you said it was fake at that time. At that time, I was very angry. told ‘nerves’, and decided to fight you guys. This was one of those serious mistakes that made me both waste time and have to deal with fake news.” he wrote.

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Phan Anh has made his statement public since 2016.

Not only public statements, but all receipts of income and expenditure of supporting activities for the Central people are also kept and posted on the website by him. He asserted: “Look at it, ‘look’ closely. If you see any signs of me stealing from charity, please sue me, report me to the police, to the court or to the media. I’m ready to make time for all of them.”

Affirming that he did not embezzle charity money, but Phan Anh still acknowledged his mistake when he arbitrarily changed the purpose of using the collected money, instead of providing emergency support to people in flood areas, he supported her. I buy seeds, build houses against floods…

Even so, the reputation of Phan Anh, once the most popular male MC, is still severely reduced. The opposition of a part of the audience when the movie The Little Way to Life was broadcast showed that the charity money scandal still affects his career until now.

Tung Nguyen

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